Style Crush – Emily Blunt

I adore Emily Blunt this week. I mean seriously. White Zac Posen amazingness with neutral Christian Louboutins. Just fabulous. These kind of dresses are difficult to wear for most women. Not only because its snow white, but because its clingy. Every hump and lump will show with no mercy. She looks effortless, beautiful and very lady-like. I am in awe. Word of warning, for real women under any circumstances, I would steer away from snow white dresses, for the same reason you steer away from white jeans (unless you are Liz Hurley). They don’t work in real life. You are out the door in the morning and within 13 seconds you will (not you might), you WILL have a smudge of something on the dress. If you insist on wearing white against my better judgment at least cover it up until you get from a to b. With something snazzy. We can all try to be clean in white, only movie stars succeed! Sadly.

Emily Blunt in Zac Posen - FEROSH!




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One Response to Style Crush – Emily Blunt

  1. Stefan says:

    Oh wow. She works it well too! Love her as an actress. 🙂

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