I WANT – Aussiebum Graduate

Green to go with my skin

I am in the mood for new underwear. Maybe it is the birthday talking, but I would like to get something new in the underwear draw. Just something nice, cute and of course little sexy. I have been searching the earth flat and looked at many brands, Todger, Timoteo, Rufskin and visited sites like Banglads. However, it seems that my mind have been made and I am seriously in need (kinda like in heat) for the Aussiebum Graduate. To be honest, I have been eyeing up The Graduates for few months. Keep looking at them, thinking that I want a pair and then going back to thinking that they might be too young so to speak.

However, I have now decided (for sure) that I must get a pair as I adore the shape, the shortness of the leg and the little pattern. GIMME! Still not sure about the color, the pink would go great with grey and I most often wear big grey woolly socks at home, the blue would make my eyes sparkle and the green would look great against my skin tone. Hmmmph. The easiest solution of course I to buy all. I’m not made out of money, so that isn’t going to happen. Yet.

I’m thinking about wearing these not only under my jeans to brighten up my working days,but on their own at home (plus perhaps woolly socks and my glasses) for the “Graduate” look. I may be 32,but with these on I shall feel 17.
Dear Birthday Fairy, you know what I would like! (To fit 29 inch waist, thanks)

with my woolly socks


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