People of the world, I have coined a new term,SkinnyFAT.

I’m thinking I should give you all a little background and how I came to create this new term. You know me,obsessed with the gym. If I haven’t hit the gym at least five times on any average week, I start going a little nuts so to speak. I work hard on this body of mine and take great pride in what I have achieved. However, the last month. Yes,month I have been slacking off. First I wasn’t feeling 100% and then just couldn’t be asked to go lift weights,much to my PT’s dismay. Thank god she lives far far away. Phew. So the last month I have been going to the gym maybe twice a week. Most people would call this “maintaining”. I call it slacking off and have had numerous conversations with myself,trying to boost myself to go and work it out. These conversations haven’t helped really.

SkinnyFAT is when I gym toned (athletic,a body that could model underwear) starts to lose its tone. See,I don’t get fat if I skip the gym, I lose muscle and definition in a catastrophic rate and become flabby,yet thin. This confuses me greatly and have not found a word to describe it,so had to make one up. Easy. I totally understand people who don’t excercise and get fat. That’s given if you eat pizza and chips and lay on the couch. However,these people don’t understand people like me (most people don’t), for me losing weight is the worst thing that can happen. I rather put on a stone than lose couple of pounds. I know I can lose a stone within days,but gaining couple  pounds takes weeks.

Currently I am on my SkinnyFAT phase. I know I’m not fat. I know I’m not thin either. I guess most people would call me “athletic”.  I am looking a little too lean for my liking and flabby. My six-pack is looking a little sad and this causes great distress. Now you are all thinking that I have finally lost my marbles. Just remember that flabbyness is relative too, just like muscle gain. I am dead serious. For most people looking good and feeling great isn’t on the same level as it is for me and my fitness dedicated friends. We often talk about how  society discriminates fat people, on the same level we are so sick and tired of justifying our way of living. Clean eating, exercising to the limit of being obsessed and no drinking. However, all the above I have slipped in the last month and I hate myself for it. I miss the buzz from the gym. I miss the energy and the immediate results after an ab workout. UGH! I miss feeling great and looking like I could be in a Aussiebum advert. Dont get me wrong, I know my body rocks even on SkinnyFAT phase, however, rocking or not, it isn’t “good enough” for me. Therefore, I have now made a plan.
Back to my bionic self with PRIDE. Lift or go home. Do or die.

Pre SkinnyFAT phase


About MMalherbe
Marko Malherbe is the Editor of Hotpolka.com, a life style site for girls, guys and gays. You can find me on twitter www.twitter.com/mmalherbe

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