Get involved! Msalonen : Gym Tours

Load your guns with me

I am calling all fitness fanatics, to lend me a helping hand with little research. I have decided to start “Msalonen: Gym Tours”. This idea came to head last night after an fanstastic event at The ICA. I had just been to the gym with my dear friend Chris, he goes to a very fancy gym in town. I wont name it yet, as I will of course do a little write up in the next few days. However, so the this is the idea.

As I am a member of Fitness First. Teeny gym in East London that I dispise, however it is about 90 second walk from my house. Easy. I can go to the gym at 6.30am, do my extreme cardio, walk home sweaty as a pig and then shwoer at home with no rush, no panic. Having full access to my OWN products, which I didnt have to drag around town all day long. At the evenings it is equally easy. Workout, home, shower, tv, bed. You know the drill. I love my gym because I have to. Its close and does the job. It’s all about convenience, not having to drag my gym kit with me all day and don’t even get me started on the amount of products I would have to carry with. However, as much as I “like” my gym,  it does smell and is teeny tiny. Last nights workout at a premium gym has opened my eyes again and now I am thinking the following…

I would like to start doing rounds at great gyms in London, or anywhere in the Uk. You know what, let’s make it Global. I want to see what else there is on offer, can I find climbing walls, military training, floor to ceiling windows, medicine balls, kettle bells, power clubs? Ooooh. this is exciting. I want skipping ropes and indoor skating tracks and jump rope. Ok, lets not get excited. Too late!

My dearest readers, this is where YOU come in. I need your help. As I can’t just walk into any gym in town, country, world, I need you lot to take me. If you think I might enjoy working out at your gym. Invite me and I will come. In return you get to see how I train. I train to the max. Go hard or go home. End of. I am sure I can teach you a trick or two and perhaps we can have few giggles and share interesting facts about life over a protein shake afterwards. If you want to take part, just get in touch. Bring it on!


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