The Hurly Burly Show

Last night I witnessed something spectacular and you lot only have four weeks to go experience the fun!

Few weeks back I was on the tube, heading home after the Jockey 135th bday party  and was dancing to Rihanna when I saw white blonde curly hair, amazing red lip and six-inch heels. Me and her looked at each other,smiled and I gave her my Jockey fridge magnet. She told me that I should go see her show. I wondered which show it was. Answer was, The Hurly Burly Show and I had just met the incredible Fallon Donakey (major girl crush). So last night we took our seats on second row and waited for the show to start. From the first click of the heel, first stocking and the very first glitter nipple tassels, I was hooked.

The show is all about the fabulous Miss Polly Rae, a burlesque artist extraordinaire with a very impressive voice. Throughout the show we had snippets of Lady Gaga, Miss Spears and Kylie and Miss Polly Rae and The Hurly Burly Girlies kept us on the edge of our seats. Before the show I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, I knew there was going to be dancing,singing and burlesque, I had now idea to what level the girls were about bring everything. Unbelievable. I was roaring with laughter, singing and dancing when it all got too exciting. Miss Polly Rae and her girls have just brought burlesque to the masses and I thank them all for this. Really hope more people will know understand the difference between burlesque and stripping. Miss Polly Rae makes it very clear by performing solo few times and even I was left speechless. The way she moves with music is an art form. I shake my nipple tassels to her.

Without bumping into Fallon Donakey, I don’t know if I had gone and see this show. I have been a bit “over” burlesque as there has been so many acts appearing in the last few years. It was about time someone brought it back with originality and with an amazing show that will blow..your head off. However, I can’t thank Fallon enough for saying “You should come see my show”. She was right, I adored it. It is only running for another four weeks, so all you lot need to book your tickets now and go see these girls. If I was amazed, you will be too. Seriously the most amazing show in West End right now! Ps. Look out for the flame eating ballerina!

I am amazed


The Central Saint Martins Palladium Jewellery Design Competition!

Can I have two please?

Last night I was very lucky to have attended a fabulous party to celebrate The Central Saint Martins Palladium Jewellery Design Competition winner. It was held at the amazing ICA . I was unfortunately without my usual date, so I called up my dear friend Chris and tagged him along. Boy always needs a date, am I right?

We went through the “No entry” sign (which is always fun to do) and headed upstairs to the venue space. First of all, I had no idea that there was space like this at The ICA. If you are looking for an amazing wedding venue or just to party place. Give them a call. It was beautiful. The place was rammed with the who’s who in the fashion world, mixed with very East London looking crowd. I of course fitted in like a glove. Naturally. After few welcome drinks and canapes we all gathered in the main space to hear the results. The design competition is a collaboration between Palladium Alliance International and Masters Design students, specializing in Jewellery Ceramics and Furniture at the amazing Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Really incredible opportunity for the students to bag this prestigious award.

The winning design (pictured) was designed by Leigh Cameron who commented: “It has been an amazing experience, I never thought that I would win and as I am studying Furniture designing jewellery is a whole new experience for me. Working with palladium has been fantastic and I look forward to working with it again in the future.”. Leigh design was inspired by large architectural shapes and I have to admit I love the shape of the ring. It really is like a mini building on your finger. Loves it. To be honest I have never really worn anything made of palladium, but now I am intrigued. I shall be contacting Leigh to get him to get us the lowdown. Sorted.

Wake up and smell the coffee!

There is something quite fantastic happening in the world of coffee and as you all know me and the man are quite the coffee drinkers, we have our own album on Facebook for our coffee moments. However I am not a coffee master, I drink mine weak with plenty of milk, so I decided to let the piece be written by my Contributor Will. Here is what he has to say about news in coffee. Enjoy the read.

Now I don’t need any persuasion when it comes to a good cup of coffee.Even though we live in a tea-driven and tea-inspired, high-tea drinking country, a good cup of coffee sure gets a lot of use going in the morning. I admit, I’m one of those fast paced, on the go, take-away drinking multi tasking coffee addict. Starbucks addict to be exact.
So many of us rush in and rush out of S branches which are so easy to find! (Except at Euston station in London though 😦 With all our rushing around, when last did we sit down, cherish, smell, drink and taste the coffee that’s been brewed for us? This brings me to what Starbucks has to offer.

In keeping with the celebration for the 40 years that this green giant of coffee bean expertise has been around, they’ve taken things to the next level. The Haute Couture in the world of Pret-a-Porter coffee! It reminded me of the occasion of Japanese tea drinking. Be there, in the moment, all 5 senses woken up. Anyone remember the first season of Ally McBeal? The scene where Ally and Georgia enjoy their Starbucks coffee together? A moment so amazing that the guys were peeping around the door, mouths dropped open. A moment so great that it seemed to tickle more than just the taste buds? Well read more:

We joined the lovely coffee master, Jess Strolle at HIX in Selfridges London, to try some new Starbucks coffee. Starbucks has launched the first three of Starbucks reserve coffees:

  • Aged Sulawesi Kalosi comes from 12 farmers located in South Sulawesi, grown in small family gardens and traded in the town of Kalosi, where the historic coffee trading market is located.  Just as aging improves wine and cheese, it also heightens the flavors of this coffee.
  • Fairtrade Certified Nicaraguan Corcasan is produced by the Cooperativa Corcasan, a small cooperative of 250 farmers in the northern part of Nicaragua.  This coffee has a burnt sugar sweetness and soft floral aromas, finishing with an herbal leaf note.  It is uniquely Fairtrade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified and Starbucks CAFÉ Practices verified.
  • El Salvador Pacamara Montecarlos Estate is from the Montecarlos Estate, one of El Salvador’s premier coffee estates, uniquely surrounding an entire volcano crater.  Two thirds of the estate is planted with coffee and one-third is part of a cloud forest inside the crater. This coffee gathers its distinctive flavours from soil rich in minerals and volcanic ash.(“Wow. Amazing. I was in heaven.”) Some of the words I heard at the launch.

    The first three

These coffees are only available in 10 stores in the uk. Very select indeed. The filter coffee will be individually brewed for you. Mini filter, just the right temperature hot water, slowly filtered. You can also experience these amazing coffee moments at Hyx in Selfridges.

The aspects of the coffee:
The smell, the smell, the smell!”Aromas, influences, multi faceted”. Who knew coffee tasting could be more intriguing than wine tasting? I was very happy just smelling the coffee. Never mind what followed next:

The flavour:
“Smooth, deluxe, multi dimensional, a taste to savour” Again some of the descriptions that were used. These coffees are ultra smooth and ultra luxurious. Think “best quality chocolate melting in my mouth” and apply the same to a coffee.

The accompaniments:
The 3 coffees has their own best recommended foods to enjoy with them.

So in a world that could perceive Starbucks as all about quick-fix and on-the-go, please do try out one of these Starbucks Reserve coffees. Wow. A “high coffee” could impress even more than “high tea”. Take a piece of the moment with you. You can buy your own bag of beans, have them ground and take them home to be savoured. The last coffee I tasted was definitely a “curl up on the couch with coffee” moment for me. So I will be brewing that at home. Mmmm. These first three new coffees aren’t just your normal cup of tea! Or coffee for that matter. Go forth, enjoy, appreciate and savour the moment of drinking a truly special blow-you-away coffee moment.

Jockey 135 – Birthday Party at The Hospital Club

Its a great line...really.

Last night I was invited to a very special event, Jockey‘s 135th birthday party! The event was held at the ever fabulous hospital Club in London and I knew it was going to be great evening ahead. There was going to be hot men wearing very little. What was not to like? Seriously.

After settling in and getting a drink, I decided that it was time to mingle. Spotted the ever so lovely Zoe Griffin and we shared few stories about her recently moving offices, hiding in the toilets and what ever happened to The Wellington. Turns out we are quite similar, tall, dark and incredibly gorgeous. Zoe was there for a short while as she was of course off to another party. Shame she missed the catwalk. I briefly chatted with the boys from GT. We shared our thoughs on the best fragrances and which of the summer trends is going to be the biggest one. In general a great little party crowd.

The catwalk was of course already fitted and after a few bevvies and snacks there was an announcement, THE SHOW WAS ABOUT TO START. I took my place on front row (like I would even consider sitting anywhere else) and settled down to see some underwear roll down the runway.

The amazing Dylan Jones gave us an introduction to the evening ahead, explaining the history of Jockey and how it all got started. Did you know that back in the day it was considered shameful to model underwear so the model’s faces were covered, as you do. I had no idea, thank you Dylan for educating me once again. (ps. If you don’t know about Dylan Jones, you need to google ASAP, he is one of my style heroes). Dylan finished off and the lights dimmed, it was SHOWTIME! Whoop. I havent been to an underwear show in ages, so wasnt quite what to expect. Safe to say all my “expectations” were blown away. The show consisted of the many faces of Jockey. We had the style from way back when, up to all the new stuff that is out now. Swimwear and boxer shorts. It was all there. Plus the show included a little history and even a rope pulling challenge. I mean really. It was amazing. For more photos, just click here. If you also look under my videos, there are few from the show. Very handsome men in very little clothing. Whoop!

Must admit, I have not been on the ball so to speak with Jockey as you all know I wear my Aussiebums etc. Last night thou, my eyes were opened. Truly. There were few pairs of boxer shorts, that I MUST purchase right this minute and the swimwear, HELLO! I am thinking the white and black for this coming summer. Boys and girls, go have a look at their site. They have been doing underwear for 135 years and still going strong and last night I found out why. As they say in USA, Jockey or nothing.

Swimmers for Summer 2011

Calling ALL pet owners!

OMG! I have the best news, is time to get snapping people! Albelli the online book specialist is launching a competition to find the funniest, most unusual and of course just amazingly cute animal pictures in the world. Amazing. Did you know that most animals loving Brits take more photos of their pets than their kids. Seriously. I would most likely too. Our  dogs are the cutest. Fact. However, since I am being fair for once, I am telling you all about this competition so the girls don’t just get a home run without any competition. It isn’t a win, if there isn’t competition after all. This is how you do it, be 18 or over, choose the eight (that’s the max) amazing pics of your dog, cat, pony, bat, lizard etc and click to Albelli’s dedicated Facebook page. Upload the photos and wait for the results. The winner will be decided by public vote and will receive an amazing price, the stylish Flip Video Ultra Camcorder.
Amaze. So, better hop to it. I know I am.

Grace and Audrey


Dear People Who Film Your Animals!

This video is on my “list of videos to watch when feeling rough”. I mean really. How can you not smile when  looking at the little munchkin rolling around, trying so hard to get back up. I mean really. So unbelievably cute. He looks distraught, as he realizes that he just can’t get up. He hasn’t got enough strength and love how he “gives up” half way through, if only to take a breather. Awww. Now, on one hand I am thinking how cute and thank you for sharing and on the other hand I am thinking that why didn’t anyone help the poor little mutt? The video has been viewed nearly four million times, that why no one bothered to help the little flat faced mongrel. Hits over puppies needs and wants.

This made me wonder. Granted this video is VERY cute and no pups were harmed in filming this (other than emotional scarring), so that’s all good. How about all the other videos thou. (Like the one linked, “cat fan”). Admittedly I do giggle when I see it, as the cat goes flying and screams for dear life, this in itself concerns me. I am still hoping that it is in fact a fake video and no cat got flung across the room. Who knows?

I often see our girls doing the funniest things and wish I had a camera ready at all times to record their antics. Their most recent “trick” is to sleep in my jeans draw. Audrey goes MENTAL, if you ask her if she would like a spray, this is due to mouth spray from years ago that she hated. Grace is generally just funny. She has odd ears, they turn into a knot and she looks like Princess Leia. She is also very good at “stopping the ball”, with her it isn’t about catching or fetching the ball, but about stopping it. Grace also skips on three legs. See, I told you, she is funny. Audrey is the sulkiest dog in the WORLD. End of.

My question is, should I be camera ready at all times? To catch them at a weak moment, such a Grace having her head stuck in an ice cream tub? Or when Audrey is refusing to eat and looks away? I think if I started filming the girls, they would become worldwide hits with in days and I am not sure if I want that. They are OUR girls. Our children and every special moment is shared at home or with any lucky friend who might be over. That’s enough for me. So next time before you pick up the camera to record your dog struggling to get up or your cat spinning on a wheel, just think; Is this a moment you have to share, or would it be ok to have it as a moment just for the two of you?

Emerald Street!

Emerald Blue, anyone?

Ladies, there is a new digital brand coming your way and you should all be prepared. This is going to be HUGE. The lovely people behind Stylist have joined forces and are bringing out, Emerald Street. A bran new daily service for those career-focused and intelligent women, much like the ones who read Stylist. Imagine this, a daily illustrated email of what new, hot, stylish, fashion, events and etc. Amaze.

As with any other brand from ShortList Media Limited, I can only imagine how much research and development has gone into this new product from the people who gave us ShortList, ShortList MODE and Stylist. All of which have become part of my weekly commute as with so many other people in the UK. The current offering from these wizards have really cemented them as the ones to watch. All the magazines has won numerous awards and have possibly the best teams in the business behind them. Can you see now why I am so excited about Emerald Street? You can now pre register at Emerald Street and the service will kick in mid April and I cannot wait. Working women spend the best part of their day reading their emails and Emerald Street is going to make that a lot more enjoyable!

Stylist’s acting Editor Susan Riley says: “Emerald Street encompasses the full breadth of content demanded by the modern, educated female audience – not only up-to-the-minute style news but also thoughtful pieces on art, culture,careers and books.  With the expertise of Stylist’s 18 journalists and editors behind it, Emerald Street is a service our readers will love.”

EXCITED about ShortList Mode

Have I got NEWS for you? ShortList Media are about to launch a new free men’s fashion mag, ShortList Mode. Just as I got excited about Mr Porter last week for the shopping heaven, this week I am excited about ShortList Mode launching. Now, I have somewhere to take direction from. You know me, I do like my fashion, I dress impeccably (obvious) and have my own sense of style. PreppyGay as I like to call it, or MuscleCindy on the weekends. Anyway, so even I need inspiration at times and someone I always trust is Adrian Clark, Style Director at ShortList and now Editor of ShortList Mode. A career spanning for 20 years and working with titles like Attitude, Guardian and Independent and now of course ShortList, which has been part of my fashion bible (I have several) for few years now and I am really excited to see what Adrian and his team are serving us next.

ShortList Mode is bi annual FREE men’s fashion magazine, first one out tomorrow and I do think it will be another hit for ShortList Media, the creators not only ShortList, but Stylist as well, both of which make my daily commute little more acceptable. What makes this special for me is that Adrian has been guiding my style (be it fashion or grooming) choices for few years and I often take his opinion to heart and have been pleasantly “surprised” when taking his advice and find products and items that I really love. Some of which have gone on my favourite products ever. So, tomorrow on your way in or out (not quite sure what time the mag will be out), pick up a copy of ShortList Mode, have a look and let me know if you LOVE it as much as I know I’m going to. Enjoy!


Shopping heaven at Mr Porter!

The most exciting news in male shopping / fashion EVER. This is it. Doesn’t get any better than Mr. Porter. Ever since I got introduced to Net A Porter what seems like many years ago, I have been waiting for someone to give us guys something similar. Net A Porter launched in 2000 (it’s been 11 years, wowser) and has revolutionised the way women can access fashion online. It is filled with all the major brands and some amazing cult favourites. They seriously have every label worth mentioning under the sun and then some. You can imagine my frustration, while I have been looking at their extensive shoe and accessories collections, wishing there was a site that I could go to and click-through a similar offering for ME, instead of my girls. Last year already at a fashion party, I overheard people talking about Mr. Porter and I was intrigued. Could this be true? Was someone masterminding this and more importantly why wasn’t I invited to join the team?

Anyway, so few weeks back Mr. Porter was launched and I was most likely one of the first people looking at the site. I was in heaven. Male shopping heaven. As I clicked into designers, I was really impressed with the selection, from Acne to Balmain, from Lanvin to Mr. By Roland Mouret and so forth. The site is pretty similar to the sister site, amazingly easy to navigate, perfectly organised and  with excellent sections for style advice, the journal and of course wardrobe manager. My current wish list includes 57 items totalling somewhere between a BMW and Jaguar. Ooops. To celebrate the launch of the site, I have picked myself an outfit to wear for birthday lunch, that I would buy, if of course I had the money. (pfff)

Trench Coat by Burberry Prorsum. OMG. Just when I thought I would be happy with the coat I found in TopMan, I have now come across this offer from Burberry Prorsum. Simply the perfect shade of grey. I must have it. It the perfect start for this outfit. Simple and classic, something I would wear for many years to come. It would come so handy on the school run.

Let it rain, I wont care. I will be wearing BP.

Pink Narrow-Plaid shirt by Alfred Dunhill. Pink and patterned. Done. It’s also a very narrow shape, would wrap nicely around my impossible physique. Its “gay pink” and I must have it. I have NO pink shirts, this must be some sort of global misunderstanding. I must inject some pink into the wardrobe asap. This shirt would start the collection nicely.

The gay in me wants this shirt

Acne Cotton Cardigan. As you all know, I am very partial to my cardigans from Uniqlo. However, this Acne one seems perfect. Nicely fits in with the pink gay shirt and the classic trench. It makes the entire look a little more casual, unless of course I wear a tie. Perhaps I should. Ooooh. Tie in a clashing colour and pattern, yes I need a tie.

Perfect grey cardigan, right here!

Slim-Fit Cotton Toursers by PS by Paul Smith. Since I started on the grey, I may as well keep going. That gay shirt shall be the only colour in this look. It will scream gay, but that’s ok. I am gay after all. These narrow cotton trousers would be just fabulous. Again with the grey (am I feeling a little moody today?), but the fact remains, I look great in grey. Not going to try to fight it, but instead work it out. I would wear them fairly fitted, on the verge of leggings to emphasise these muscular legs and then some. 

Narrow and cotton, great for showing legs

Side Zip Leather Boots by Balmain. I am still dreaming of boots for myself. I keep wearing the man’s boots, which are few sizes too big, so I wear them with three pairs of socks. The shame. These Balmain beauties are on the top of my wish list. I must get a pair. Love the zip, they look chunky and heavy without looking like construction boots. I adore. I want. (pretty please).

Adore! Please let me test drive!

Large Leather Bag by Balenciaga. As obsessed as I am about shoes, bags come second nature to me. I can’t remember the last time I have left the house without carrying some sort of bag. My trusted YSL number has now been worn to death. It’s still gorgeous. The leather has aged and the bag is big enough to carry the dogs in. This Balenciaga number is my dream boat. Over sized amazingness. Throw this over my shoulder and BAM. Ready to lunch, gym, weekend break, shopping and then some.

oooh. must sell an organ to get this bag

Thank you for coming, I have been expecting you, Mr Porter.

I WANT a Nespresso PIXIE!


I am in coffee heaven. It’s the first of March, my birthday month and the start of spring. Whooop! As if this wasn’t going to be enough on the excitement scale, Nespresso have launched a new machine and I wants it. Preferably now. Yesterday would have been great. Although, you can only get it starting today. Hmmp.

You all know my Nespresso addiction, I have at least three cups every day, more if it is the weekend. I was never “sold” on Nespresso until I was lucky enough to get my first machine as a birthday present some six years ago. Crikey. It has been that long! In a true Msalonen way, I am totally addicted. Few months back my current machine had a little tantrum and would not work for few days. I thought it was broken, it was not. It just wasn’t plugged in. The shame. Anyway, my current machine is starting to get to the stage, that I would like a new one. Nothing wrong with it, I would just like a new one. Something shiny to look at in the mornings. You know? So you can imagine my excitement this morning as I was ordering more coffee and I realized that there is a new machine on the market. I quickly ordered our capsules, easy peasy and then decided to look into Pixie properly, I read all the info I could find and my ears were burning. I need this machine. I was so desperate for more info and to see it, that over lunch I went to my nearest Nespresso Boutique and had a proper look.

I love it. I must have it. Now. Please. Nespresso has done a lot of research for the new machine, listened to their members yet again and developed something amazing, The Pixie. First of all, its tiny. Actually teeny. Will fit into the smallest of kitchen and with the six different colour options, I am sure you will find one that will fit your mood. I am thinking between the indigo blue and the aluminium. Both very stylish and sassy. The ever so helpful staff were there to answer my 1001 questions. Nespresso has effectively origami:ed their machine parts to make Pixie the smallest machine yet. I am amazed. They made everything tiny, yet didn’t scarifies any of the values that Nespresso is known for.

The Pixie turns itself off after 9min, which is awesome to someone like me, who keeps running back home after he is half way down the road to check if he had actually switched the machine off. It of course never is still on, but knowing that this one does itself, great. They somehow also managed to speed up the heating time, which now only takes under 30 seconds. I mean really, my machine is pretty fast, but this is light speed. The machine talks without saying anything, it can tell me when it is ready to brew and when he water tank needs filling up. The best news yet? It requires three times less descaling than the previous models. Hurrah! Never a task I enjoy.

Pixie has entered the market as a mini sized superhero, that does all the tricks as the previous models and then some, plus it consumes 40% less energy as other A class machines. It really is a superhero and I would like to get one now. And by now, I meant yesterday. I cant wait to be able to slide in my favorite capsule, press the button and enjoy my little daily treat. *amaze*