The Met Bar and An-Tea Establishment Afternoon Tea!

Ha Haa!

Are you already a bit over the royal wedding? Everything seems to have gone “Kate and Will”. I am seeing mugs, coasters, doggy poop bags and all sorts stamped the with the royal seal of approval from CrapMerchants RE US and they are literally littering the streets. Don’t get me wrong I totally understand the need for celebration,however surely we could down scale it just a touch? The wedding is about a month away and I’m so over it. You can imagine my delight when I heard the news from The Met Bar. They are going to have An-Tea Establishment Afternoon Tea!

Earlier this week I was invited to an exclusive look at what is going to be served from 22nd of April until 8th of May. Think of it is an antidote to all the wedding hysteria! I put on my biker boots, skinny jeans and the rest of my East London uniform and headed off to see what was going to happen.You all know The Met bar? Right? It’s fabulous. Very chilled and stylish. I could spend few good hours there,drinking single malt whiskey’s, but that’s not the point. The point is that they are about to start serving the most imaginative afternoon tea in town!

The savory dishes include ‘Quiche a la Fergie’ (chorizo and spinach), which just melts in your mouth. The fitness people will love the no bread cucumber sandwiches (I did) and the healthier take on prawn cocktail. We all know I have an impossibly bad behaved sweet tooth and it was not disappointed! My favourite thing was ‘Strawberries and cream’ mini macaroons. Insane. Could have eaten a 100 of them. Lush. There is also a special drink “God Save the Queen”, which is whiskey based, loved it. Of course if you are not drinking there is a long lists of non –alcoholic cocktails (why would you NOT be drinking?) and teas. Music is very pun k rock inspired and the entire setting feels very iconic. I really enjoyed my time at The Met Bar and I think that they truly have something very special on their hands.

Amazing food, iconic setting and generally great atmosphere. I would strongly advise you to book now as the “Anti Royal” Afternoon Tea only runs from April 22nd to 8th of May. You can of course visit their website or book by calling +44 (0)20 7447 4757. Easy. Call now, book the day and go enjoy some non royal time at The Met.
Just remember to go punk!  

I swear I did NOT eat them all


Sarah Chapman – Skinesis Facial

This is where the MAGIC happens!

LFW is over and it shows on my face. I have been running like a crazy son of a gun and my complexion has turned a shade of grey. Not a pretty sight. Birthday looming this weekend, so I decided that I needed to take “drastic” action and book myself in for a facial with my skin guru, Sarah Chapman and her Chelsea Skinesis Clinic. The night before the facial, I may have got hold of a free bar and as I woke up and looked in the mirror, I swear my reflection ran the other way screaming. “Fear not”, I said as there was a treat in store.

I scouted my old “hood”, said hello to Ralph Lauren and Giuseppe Zanotti, you know the usual as I walked towards Draycott Avenue. Ring the bell and walk upstairs and I’ve arrived. The amazing and lovely Lisa welcomes me asks me to fill in a form as I’m having a slight peel this time, just to make sure I don’t fry on the bed and we are ready. There are facials and then there are facials at Skinesis. It’s like an entire different world up there, one that I would like to stay in for a very long time. As I had never had this type of facial before, Lisa ran through the different steps with me as she was getting on with it. Most things I heard were, keep still, breath in, close your eyes and stop talking! This was only because I kept jabbering along as she was trying to put on a mask that covers your entire face and if you keep moving it just won’t work.

Lisa is a total star, she is friendly, smiley and really listens when you are asking questions about the products or talking about your concerns with your skin. She offers advice and is genuinely interested. It shows that she has almost 10 years in the beauty industry under her waist pinching belt.

After the treatment I felt totally zen, not only because Lisa’s massage skills have left me in the zone,but because I’m totally chilled, totally happy and quite frankly feel like a new person. I need magic to “fix” my face and magic is what Lisa performed. The next morning as I was slapping on my eye and face cream I realized that my reflection did not run away screaming.but smiled as I looked back. My skin looked radiant and healthy, like life had been injected back into it. I only had one peel and I’m now booked in again in a week or so, I want to see what kinda of magic Skinesis Clinic will do for my rhino skin after few of these treatments. I already look about 11 and radiant, just in time for my birthday and I can’t wait to see how I look at 33 as 32 is going to be a great year, thanks to Skinesis. You can see more by visiting their site, here.

Vrooom Vrooom!

I am the Go Karting Champion,even got a gold trophy to prove it! Whooop!
Now that I got news out-of-the-way,I can actually concentrate on telling you all how I became crowned as the fastest Go Karter (ahem) ever. I’m a bit of a car maniac,love to drive. This is mostly because I have been lucky enough to experience what it is like to drive luxury cars on daily basis. I’ve even learned to control my road rage in rush hour traffic. However, recently we decided that it was time to hang up the driving gloves and our uber cool Mini Cooper went to live on a farm in Oxford. You can imagine my excitement when I heard that a new Go Karting venue, Team Sports had opened near Tower Bridge. I have never been before as really didn’t want to travel miles away to go spin on the tracks.  However this venue is on the way home. Booked!

When you first arrive you get given gloves, racing overalls and a helmet hat thing. There are very slick changing rooms for you to get into the attire. (I looked hot). The changing rooms look like a high-end gym,wasn’t expecting that kind of facilities. Next up,briefing. They tell you how to work the cars,some safety tips and what you are not supposed to do on the track. Seems fairly simple,I thought. Most of the rules went out the window as I sat down in my kart. Oops. Well, I say most, but I mean some. The big news is that they have a brand new karts on the go at Tower Bridge (first in the world I might add), Electric Eco Karts from Biz and they are amazing! As I have never been before I of course didn’t know the difference, but driving these bad boys is a treat! They are light, super fast and best of all, they have ZERO emissions being electric and all. Seriously impressed! I could go on and on about the karts, but you are better off reading from the site as I really just want to tell you how much fun we had.
There is actually two tracks at Tower Bridge, that can be joined to form one longer one that is on two levels. We were lucky enough to have the two level option. You first have a little practise run, just to see how you handle the kart, test the speed and turns. Get used to working the pedals and get a good feel of the track. After that’s “out the way”, you are “let loose”. We had eight drivers on our race and being an only child I was determined to win and be crowned as the champion. I went heavy on the accelerator and ignored the break (obvious), I very nearly turned the kart around few times, burned some rubber and did not get taken off the track at all, which surprised me. I thought I was breaking all the rules in the book! Go me!

OMG! It is brilliant. As soon as you sit down in your kart, your adrenalin levels start rising. I was breathing so heavy, my visor got steamy! If like me you are a secret adrenalin junkie, this is the place to go “feed the need”. I loved it. After the race as we were sitting down in the bar area, drinking beer and eating pizza, I dawned to me: this place could really be a great destination to all sorts of occasions, just go for a fun night with few friends, have a stag party or a hen do with a difference or even a team day with work. Seriously, the options are endless. I would strongly advice you all to go have a spin, just be careful not to get taken off the track for bad behaviour!

Msalonen – The Champion 


four o nine

Loves it

Last week myself and Husbear were invited a very dear friends birthday dinner. As we live in the fabulous East London,right across the street from Victoria Park,we hardly ever venture out to SW London.Shame on us! Means that we are missing out on hidden gems like four o nine. It has been making a name for itself for years now as a classic neighborhood restaurant and I can certainly see why. I always get excited about restaurants behind closed doors. You have to ring a bell to get in! Call me easily pleased, I don’t care. It’s fabulous. It’s almost like you are in someone’s very nice loft apartment once you step in and get up the stairs. Interiors are lush,very nice indeed. You feel totally ay ease and ready for a chilled dinner. We were booked into an upstairs private room,but I of course had a look at the rest of the place. It is perfect for romantic dinners for two or a catch up with friends. Very chilled. I am amazed.

The upstairs private room is truly a private piece of the restaurant. Cosy and stylish room with access to the roof terrace,MAJOR bonus. We all sat down,had few bubbles, a negroni and settled down for dinner. The menu contains great “honest” food with a twist. We were all struggling to make choices between the courses. Good news is that four o nine isn’t ridiculously expensive,two courses for £25 and three for £30. Bargain to be honest.

The evening was a total success and not only because the company of 10 interesting people. The service is impeccable,can’t fault anything. Wine seemed to be on tab and food arrived promptly. We were spoiled rotten. The four o nine is truly a hidden gem of Southwest London. I urge you all to make a booking,ring the bell and enter the Bliss – world in the loft.

Columbia Road Flower Market


Are you trying to figure what to do tomorrow morning? I have a brilliant idea! Visit Columbia Road Flower Market! As it turns out,not everyone in London know or have visited this little paradise! (if you don’t count the crowds on a sunny morning.) When we were still the proud owners of a shiny Mini,we visited the market pretty much every other week. Just to go for coffee and so forth.

It says what it does on the sign. It’s a flower market,all vendors are sweaty and screaming with their best deals (the rose bunch pictured cost £6). You can really score some amazing deals. It’s all there,roses,tulips,shrubs,pushes and trees. Depending on the season of course. We have spent our pennies on countless long-stemmed roses,50 tulips,plants for the front garden and our back garden is starting to look like a market of its own. Loves it.

Long and thick

The trick is to get to Columbia Road early. Action starts at 8am and pretty much quiets down by 11. There are fantastic places to eat,cute little cafe’s and pop up stalls, enough selection to satisfy anyone’s taste puds. Go for a walk to see what’s around, visit the little shops (interiors mostly) and listen to the street bands, extra points if you figure out the one we want to play at our wedding. Have a little coffee,something to eat and get your flowers before it’s all sold out!

It really is the perfect start to you Sunday. I highly recommend going,but just remember,you can always walk behind the flower vendors to avoid walking in the crowds. Enjoy!


Cecconi’s for breakfast

Oh my. This weekend I had set up a date with one of my dearest friends. I have known her for almost 10 years and we have been through a lot together. Friday last week we were trying to figure out a spot for breakkie and she suggested Cecconi’s on Burlington Street. As I had never been I agreed.

Come Saturday morning I got dressed and headed to town. Short walk from Oxford Circus (which isn’t too bad at 9.30 on a Saturday morning) and I started to get close. I knew I was going to the right direction as I could smell A&F miles away.

Cecconi’s gives a great first impression,friendly staff at the door,coat goes in the cloak room and you are seated quickly. The place has an old worldly (with an Italian twist funnily enough) feel. Gorgeous setting,emerald-green chairs,low tables,white table cloths and silver service. As it wasn’t busy when we arrived there was a more staff than customers. Breakfast at Cecconi’s is quite something. Great selection of fresh juices,coffee is served quickly and it heats you up very quickly. My bacon s/w was lush and it all gets served with a smile and great Italian hospitality.I adore the place,there I said it.

If you want something little special for breakfast I would strongly recommend Cecconi’s. Fabulous and after you are ready to take on the day and drop 800quid on a pair of boots. (Her,not me sadly).