18.02.2011 – Aveda

 As I came home from the gym this morning and wiped away the sweat, my skin felt a little tight. There are few possible reason for this. The beastly gym sessions dried my skin out, I missed a step in my skin care routine last night or skin had a shock of how cold it was as I left the house at 6.25am.

Anyhow, as I searched the bathroom for a solution. I was in no mood for opening packaging, nor trying something new. I needed a quick trusted fix. Enter Aveda’s Intense Hydrating Mask. Done. It kinda feels like hair gel. Does anyone still use hair gel? Do you remember what it feels like? Anyhow, it feels a bit odd as you cover your face with it. You do look like an alien version of yourself while it’s on. However, it sinks in like no tomorrow. I slapped mine on and let it sink in while I had my porridge. Washed it off in the shower, followed by toner, eye & day cream. Voila. I have amazing skin again. Feels smoother than a baby’s bottom. Go on, feel it. I dare you!

I feel pretty

04.02.2011 – The Quiff is BACK!

This morning I felt the need to spice it up a little. As you all know I’m all about hair,tits, abs and ass and I have been wearing my hair,well my fringe down since November. As I was getting ready to leave the house I thought to myself,why don’t I celebrate today? Celebrate that it’s Friday and the fact that we are headed for a week-long holiday tomorrow to Helsinki. Yes. Let’s celebrate with a quiff. Done and done. I have hair like most American Soap stars,thick and plenty of it. To get it to stand up takes time and effort. Lucky for me I have found the right product: Aveda‘s “hair glue”. Fierce! Sticky enough to keep my quiff up and flexible enough not to look stiff. LOVE IT! Not even little drizzle or the gale force winds have moved it this morning! Twister,are you listening? Bring it on! If I wanted to whip my hair back to front,I couldn’t. Mission impossible? Nope, Mission Complete.

Whip my hair? I dont think so!