Boys Fashion: Gucci Gucci Gucci

I love my classic Gucci belt, you know, green and red with a silver buckle. I got it as a gift few years back and do wear it to death. However, sometimes I do wish that I could wear Gucci without it being blates obvious. I like my designer clobber like the next person, but I do not need to be branded at all times. Enter the new belt from Gucci, loves it. Navy leather on one side and nylon navy nylon with the red stripe on the other. Great little piece to add to your wardrobe. Wear the navy side with your suit or with anything more formal and the stripes for the weekend or more casual look. Two belts in one. Done and done. Get yours now from Mr Porter.

Loves it.


Girls Fashion: Calvin Klein vs. Zara

Ladies, I have found two fabulous dresses for this spring and obviously wanted to share the news with you all. If I were a girl. I would be wearing bright colors right now to go with the spring weather. Fabulous colors are all around and you really should add some of it to your wardrobe. If you are too scared to go all the way, make do with some fabulous heels, great little bag or even just a necklace in an eye popping color. Do it now before it’s too late. The summer will bring along white trousers and maxi dresses, so now it really is time to go bright and work it out.

There are two dresses currently out that you can easily turn into a great little outfit for the office and going out. One is from Calvin Klein, gorgeous 100% silk, eye catching color and great shape that will hide little lumps here and there. Fabulous. If you have never worn 100& silk, you have no idea what you are missing. Invest in a great piece that you will wear for years to come, since brights keep coming back every spring for a good reason. Great little way to make yourself stand out from the crowd, in a Calvin Klein kind of way. The second one comes from Zara of all places. We all know and love Zara for different reasons. I go there to pick up my basics, the things I know I will wear over and over again and they don’t cost the earth. Great pieces for little cash involved. However, I feel that in the last few seasons Zara have really upped their game when it comes to being a head of the game. Take this dress for example, great little take on the brights and all for £26 and it comes in three colors. Perfection. There you have it, pick your price bracket and go forth and conquer the world of bright colors.  


Battle of the brights


Jockey 135 – Birthday Party at The Hospital Club

Its a great line...really.

Last night I was invited to a very special event, Jockey‘s 135th birthday party! The event was held at the ever fabulous hospital Club in London and I knew it was going to be great evening ahead. There was going to be hot men wearing very little. What was not to like? Seriously.

After settling in and getting a drink, I decided that it was time to mingle. Spotted the ever so lovely Zoe Griffin and we shared few stories about her recently moving offices, hiding in the toilets and what ever happened to The Wellington. Turns out we are quite similar, tall, dark and incredibly gorgeous. Zoe was there for a short while as she was of course off to another party. Shame she missed the catwalk. I briefly chatted with the boys from GT. We shared our thoughs on the best fragrances and which of the summer trends is going to be the biggest one. In general a great little party crowd.

The catwalk was of course already fitted and after a few bevvies and snacks there was an announcement, THE SHOW WAS ABOUT TO START. I took my place on front row (like I would even consider sitting anywhere else) and settled down to see some underwear roll down the runway.

The amazing Dylan Jones gave us an introduction to the evening ahead, explaining the history of Jockey and how it all got started. Did you know that back in the day it was considered shameful to model underwear so the model’s faces were covered, as you do. I had no idea, thank you Dylan for educating me once again. (ps. If you don’t know about Dylan Jones, you need to google ASAP, he is one of my style heroes). Dylan finished off and the lights dimmed, it was SHOWTIME! Whoop. I havent been to an underwear show in ages, so wasnt quite what to expect. Safe to say all my “expectations” were blown away. The show consisted of the many faces of Jockey. We had the style from way back when, up to all the new stuff that is out now. Swimwear and boxer shorts. It was all there. Plus the show included a little history and even a rope pulling challenge. I mean really. It was amazing. For more photos, just click here. If you also look under my videos, there are few from the show. Very handsome men in very little clothing. Whoop!

Must admit, I have not been on the ball so to speak with Jockey as you all know I wear my Aussiebums etc. Last night thou, my eyes were opened. Truly. There were few pairs of boxer shorts, that I MUST purchase right this minute and the swimwear, HELLO! I am thinking the white and black for this coming summer. Boys and girls, go have a look at their site. They have been doing underwear for 135 years and still going strong and last night I found out why. As they say in USA, Jockey or nothing.

Swimmers for Summer 2011

Man, the new underwear by Aussiebum

I woke up to an email this morning from one of my favorite brands, Aussiebum. As most men (gay men to be precise), I am obsessed with underwear, swimwear and such and Aussiebum feeds that addiction oh so nicely. I actually got introduced to the brand back in 2003 when I moved Down Under. Back then I hadn’t seen any of the products in London and was totally blown away by the colors and cuts they were serving me. I fell in love with Aussiebum then and there and have stayed fairly loyal ever since. I say fairly as so may other brands are trying to pull me away with various success rate. However, the first place I still look is Aussiebum if in need of underwear that makes everything look amaze or for swimwear that enhances the natural hawtness! Hmmm. Speedo.

Anyway, this morning I was notified about an entirely new range to hit the street, Man. A new refined version of the brief (I am def a briefs kind of guy for a good reason). They have stripped away all the heavy branding, the shape is masculine and sexy, almost timeless feel. The fabric mix is supportive, but I can only imagine how light and gorgeous they will feel on. Two color, the classic white and a lovely charcoal, I would quite like both, thank you.

Yes, please. Thank you.

COMPETITION! Girls Fashion : Dinner in Paris

Would you like to win a bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh? If so… Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter!

My dear friend Mrs Heidi Hollywood is heading to Paris in April and not ONLY to run the bloody marathon, but to celebrate her 10 year anniversary with her husband. Now, what better way than celebrate in Paris? It is one of the most romantic cities in the world, plus you can get away with wearing a lot more creative, more lady-like stuff than you can in London. Well, I guess it depends on the girl. Heidi has been training for the marathon for months now, so her body is pretty rocking. Angel, this is what I would suggest you wear on that special night in Paris!

Heels from Office Now, Heidi has had problems with heels before, however I could not let her do this dinner in flats. Just couldn’t. So, I have gone with a chunkier heel. She will be well supported even after some bubbles and wine. Plus once she gets back home, she will be able to wear these with jeans, skirts and all sorts AND they only costs £62. Bargain.

Chunky for a reason!

Dress from ASOS AMAZED by the color. Incredible. Loving the 50’s style shape, very lady-like. Very girly. Very wife. since this is in Paris, we should really accept the European ways AND go all out. This dress is in no means “all out”, but it is a good start. Def. The shade of blue will look amazing on Heidi’s skin and her golden locks. Winner at £30.


Necklace and Earrings both from David Aubrey  Since the blue is ever SO blue, we need to play on its strengths. Enter David Aubrey and his Korina necklace and earrings. The coral will work amazing with the blue and you really need some girly jewels for the night. I would like to dress Heidi HTT in diamonds, but sadly that isn’t happening any time soon. However, we can trust David Aubrey to produce gorgeous pieces in affordable prices. 


Cardigan from Karen Millen I do not want Heidi to be getting cold on her way in our out of dinner, so I needed to find something lovely for her to cover herself up. This floaty cardigan from Karen Millen is perfection. Again great for wearing after you get back home for work and down the pub. At £105, you better wear it to death.
Love it

Ruben clutch from REISS. Its cute. Enough said.


I am also thinking that Heidi will need to smell like a vibrant summer field, enter Daisy Eau So Fresh By Marc Jacobs. This is the new updated version of “Daisy” and I think it is going to be flying off the selves! It smells divine, perfect for a romantic dinner with your husband, Mrs Hollywood! You will smell like a happy, sunny place and quite frankly just gorgeous. The notes include wild rose, raspberry, cedar wood and musk. I urge all your girls to go sniff this or better yet just buy it. I adore it.

COMPETITION time!  The lovely people at The Perfume Shop have donated one bottle of Daisy Eau So Fresh to and I am giving it away! To enter, please comment on the post, which item is YOUR favorite and how would YOU wear it. You have until the 15th of March to do so, then I will randomly choose the winner! Good Luck!