Elen Rivas at Elise Machnik’s Autumn/Winter 2011 preview!

Daily Mail is not impressed with Elen Rivas this morning. There is an entire piece about her outfit and how it wasn’t great. She was at the Elise Machnik‘s Autumn/Winter 2011 preview last night and so was I! Now, firstly, Elen has the best hair ever, me and my friend Britta could not get our eyes of her hair. She is such a stunning woman and I wanted to say a little something about last nights outfit. I think she looked great. There is nothing wrong with having a little of your own ideas when it comes to fashion and good on Elen making her own rules. As I was leaving the party and came to face to face with Elen, I even commented how amazing her boots are. We both smiled. I think she looked awesome.
End of.

Elen Rivas and Nicola McLean