Boys Fashion: Gucci Gucci Gucci

I love my classic Gucci belt, you know, green and red with a silver buckle. I got it as a gift few years back and do wear it to death. However, sometimes I do wish that I could wear Gucci without it being blates obvious. I like my designer clobber like the next person, but I do not need to be branded at all times. Enter the new belt from Gucci, loves it. Navy leather on one side and nylon navy nylon with the red stripe on the other. Great little piece to add to your wardrobe. Wear the navy side with your suit or with anything more formal and the stripes for the weekend or more casual look. Two belts in one. Done and done. Get yours now from Mr Porter.

Loves it.


Girls, it’s shopping time!

Ladies, I have been neglecting you all for a while and today it stops. It’s time to give you my idea of what you should be wearing right now. The rest of the world is starting to get nice and warm, depending where you are in the world of course. However, today is another freezing cold day in London. I iz not impressed. So, I started thinking, what would I be wearing if indeed I was called Maria instead of Marko. I would certainly not be working today, I would be in Paris nursing a hang over from the Mugler after party. Breakfast would have been served in bed and I was getting ready to go out, to see few shows, lunch with friends and shopping of course. How to look amazing when its freezing cold? This is my vision.

Burberry Prorsum Bonded Leather Jacket I love the color of this jacket, almost petrol blue, but not quite. The perfect leather jacket for this time of the year, well any time of the year really. Listen up ladies, you spend you cash on shoes, jackets and bags, the rest can be worked around these key items. Am I right? Of course I am!

Loves it

Gucci Python Ankle Boots These boots were made for shopping. Not walking on the cobbled streets of Paris, but if you really want to wear dead snakes on your feet, you find a way to make it work. I often see girls struggling in their heels and what they are missing is dedication. If you decide to wear ridiculous heels, then make it work. Take cabs if you can’t walk and what ever you do, DONT walk like a duck. It is revolt.

These boots were made for...?

Mason by Michelle Mason Skinny Leather Pants. I wish I could get away with skinny leather trousers. I really do. However, I can’t. They look odd. Which is odd in itself as I do have great legs (ask anyone). I am not bitter, just a little annoyed. So ladies, if you are lucky enough to be size 2 or smaller and have legs that reach your arm pits. Please wear skin-tight leather. It looks AMAZE.

Just the way I like tight leather…
Gucci Studded Silk Tank Oooh. I would SO wear this now. Even if I am called Marko. Jesus. Love it. End of.

I want one for ME

Yves Saint Laurent Cashmere Silk-blend Cardigan Now, I don’t anyone to be cold and there really isn’t any better way to keep warm(ish) than little YSL cashmere. This feels so soft, its like it was made out of kittens. Miiaoow. Nice and short, keep it sweet, plus the tank would look fabulous under. Done and done.

Part of the basics

Burberry Animal-print Modal and Cashmere Scarf, as much as I like leather, I do love my animal prints. I am starting to sound like a middle-aged Italian woman, arent I? Its cold, so you need a scarf. However, I don’t want any hair on the scarf, so please tie your hair on a high and messy pony tail. Thank you. The universe is in balance.


Nancy Gonzales Medium Crocodile Tote, Hello DEAD animals. Loves it. This is just what this muted outfit needs, a big bold splash of color. Fabulous. Keeps the blue going from the jacket and is big enough to fit everything Maria might need. I adore it.

Hello color!

 So there you have it, if you have any request of what looks you would like me to put together, please comment below and I will see what I can do. Must warn thou, I am not good with budgets…