COMPETITION! Girls Fashion : Dinner in Paris

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My dear friend Mrs Heidi Hollywood is heading to Paris in April and not ONLY to run the bloody marathon, but to celebrate her 10 year anniversary with her husband. Now, what better way than celebrate in Paris? It is one of the most romantic cities in the world, plus you can get away with wearing a lot more creative, more lady-like stuff than you can in London. Well, I guess it depends on the girl. Heidi has been training for the marathon for months now, so her body is pretty rocking. Angel, this is what I would suggest you wear on that special night in Paris!

Heels from Office Now, Heidi has had problems with heels before, however I could not let her do this dinner in flats. Just couldn’t. So, I have gone with a chunkier heel. She will be well supported even after some bubbles and wine. Plus once she gets back home, she will be able to wear these with jeans, skirts and all sorts AND they only costs £62. Bargain.

Chunky for a reason!

Dress from ASOS AMAZED by the color. Incredible. Loving the 50’s style shape, very lady-like. Very girly. Very wife. since this is in Paris, we should really accept the European ways AND go all out. This dress is in no means “all out”, but it is a good start. Def. The shade of blue will look amazing on Heidi’s skin and her golden locks. Winner at £30.


Necklace and Earrings both from David Aubrey  Since the blue is ever SO blue, we need to play on its strengths. Enter David Aubrey and his Korina necklace and earrings. The coral will work amazing with the blue and you really need some girly jewels for the night. I would like to dress Heidi HTT in diamonds, but sadly that isn’t happening any time soon. However, we can trust David Aubrey to produce gorgeous pieces in affordable prices. 


Cardigan from Karen Millen I do not want Heidi to be getting cold on her way in our out of dinner, so I needed to find something lovely for her to cover herself up. This floaty cardigan from Karen Millen is perfection. Again great for wearing after you get back home for work and down the pub. At £105, you better wear it to death.
Love it

Ruben clutch from REISS. Its cute. Enough said.


I am also thinking that Heidi will need to smell like a vibrant summer field, enter Daisy Eau So Fresh By Marc Jacobs. This is the new updated version of “Daisy” and I think it is going to be flying off the selves! It smells divine, perfect for a romantic dinner with your husband, Mrs Hollywood! You will smell like a happy, sunny place and quite frankly just gorgeous. The notes include wild rose, raspberry, cedar wood and musk. I urge all your girls to go sniff this or better yet just buy it. I adore it.

COMPETITION time!  The lovely people at The Perfume Shop have donated one bottle of Daisy Eau So Fresh to and I am giving it away! To enter, please comment on the post, which item is YOUR favorite and how would YOU wear it. You have until the 15th of March to do so, then I will randomly choose the winner! Good Luck!


Girls Fashion: VEGAS BABY!

Ladies, as you have been asking for me to do something little less expensive since my last fashion post, I have decided to take note and create an outfit from the high street. Not only am I budgeting myself (until we get to shoes), I am also replying to another request from the amazing Lucy Miller, a fitness fanatic extraordinaire. She is headed to Las Vegas soon for something fabulous and asked if I would create an outfit for her. As I am a nice boy, I decided that I would. So, Lucy here is what you could (and I mean SHOULD) wear on a night out in Vegas, Baby!

Loretta Bow Platform Sandals by Topshop £70 Fabulous Loretta. Seriously, adore these. If in Vegas, you cannot wear “dull” shoes. No blacks, neutrals or other naff shoes. You need to go HIGH and add some color. As I think that most bright color shoes are tacky, I simply can’t suggest them to Lucy, so we are doing this gorgeous shade of lavender. Can you imagine tanned toes in these babies? Beautiful. 100% leather, so they will last and you never know, you might end up wearing them in Soho once the sun comes out in August.

Bows and platforms, loves it

Tribal Tutu Dress by Karen Millen £210. TUTU! Love it. As you will be mincing (do girls mince?) in Vegas, you really have to look the part. You will be on holiday, you will be tanned, you will be tipsy from 9am, so you might as well push the boat out. Let your legs and puppies do the talking and slip into this gorgeous tribal inspired dress from Karen Millen. Absolutely stunning. It’s flirty, girly, seductive, in short just about perfect for Vegas. I rather you wore a darker color than go all out in neon yellow. I think our Lucy would ROCK this one. Tribal Seduction

Tribal Seduction

The Box Clutch by Bottega Veneta £760 Ok. I really tried to find a bag to go with the dress cheaply, however then came across this gorgeous box clutch from the good people at BV. Honestly I didn’t “try” that hard. I love these bags and had to include one in this post. They come in almost every color in the rainbow and every woman should really own at least one. Preferably two. Mark my words ladies, this bag is classic and worth every penny.

Boxed amaze

Red Stretch Bracelet by Claire’s £3.50. Since I went a little nuts on the bag, I thought I should calm down for the accessories, hence Claire’s and this baby for all of 350 pennies. The color is GREAT, I would get a few, maybe three and put them all on one wrist to add some color. Bonus is that you can team them up with your bikini during the day and then style them at night. They are of course for a good cause too so all those pennies are well spent.


Right, I think that should do it, you are not going to need a cardigan as it will be steaming hot, plus you have lovely tone in your upper body, show it off. I would like your flowing locks on a high pony tail, sort of out-of-the-way type thing. Light foundation, lip gloss, cat eyes and natural nails on fingers and toes. Fabulous. Little tribal, little girly, 100% fierce. Lucy, go forth, drink and have a great time in Vegas. Just remember, don’t do anything I would do, which still leaves you quite a lot to do!!