The Hurly Burly Show

Last night I witnessed something spectacular and you lot only have four weeks to go experience the fun!

Few weeks back I was on the tube, heading home after the Jockey 135th bday party  and was dancing to Rihanna when I saw white blonde curly hair, amazing red lip and six-inch heels. Me and her looked at each other,smiled and I gave her my Jockey fridge magnet. She told me that I should go see her show. I wondered which show it was. Answer was, The Hurly Burly Show and I had just met the incredible Fallon Donakey (major girl crush). So last night we took our seats on second row and waited for the show to start. From the first click of the heel, first stocking and the very first glitter nipple tassels, I was hooked.

The show is all about the fabulous Miss Polly Rae, a burlesque artist extraordinaire with a very impressive voice. Throughout the show we had snippets of Lady Gaga, Miss Spears and Kylie and Miss Polly Rae and The Hurly Burly Girlies kept us on the edge of our seats. Before the show I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, I knew there was going to be dancing,singing and burlesque, I had now idea to what level the girls were about bring everything. Unbelievable. I was roaring with laughter, singing and dancing when it all got too exciting. Miss Polly Rae and her girls have just brought burlesque to the masses and I thank them all for this. Really hope more people will know understand the difference between burlesque and stripping. Miss Polly Rae makes it very clear by performing solo few times and even I was left speechless. The way she moves with music is an art form. I shake my nipple tassels to her.

Without bumping into Fallon Donakey, I don’t know if I had gone and see this show. I have been a bit “over” burlesque as there has been so many acts appearing in the last few years. It was about time someone brought it back with originality and with an amazing show that will blow..your head off. However, I can’t thank Fallon enough for saying “You should come see my show”. She was right, I adored it. It is only running for another four weeks, so all you lot need to book your tickets now and go see these girls. If I was amazed, you will be too. Seriously the most amazing show in West End right now! Ps. Look out for the flame eating ballerina!

I am amazed


The Central Saint Martins Palladium Jewellery Design Competition!

Can I have two please?

Last night I was very lucky to have attended a fabulous party to celebrate The Central Saint Martins Palladium Jewellery Design Competition winner. It was held at the amazing ICA . I was unfortunately without my usual date, so I called up my dear friend Chris and tagged him along. Boy always needs a date, am I right?

We went through the “No entry” sign (which is always fun to do) and headed upstairs to the venue space. First of all, I had no idea that there was space like this at The ICA. If you are looking for an amazing wedding venue or just to party place. Give them a call. It was beautiful. The place was rammed with the who’s who in the fashion world, mixed with very East London looking crowd. I of course fitted in like a glove. Naturally. After few welcome drinks and canapes we all gathered in the main space to hear the results. The design competition is a collaboration between Palladium Alliance International and Masters Design students, specializing in Jewellery Ceramics and Furniture at the amazing Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Really incredible opportunity for the students to bag this prestigious award.

The winning design (pictured) was designed by Leigh Cameron who commented: “It has been an amazing experience, I never thought that I would win and as I am studying Furniture designing jewellery is a whole new experience for me. Working with palladium has been fantastic and I look forward to working with it again in the future.”. Leigh design was inspired by large architectural shapes and I have to admit I love the shape of the ring. It really is like a mini building on your finger. Loves it. To be honest I have never really worn anything made of palladium, but now I am intrigued. I shall be contacting Leigh to get him to get us the lowdown. Sorted.

The Met Bar and An-Tea Establishment Afternoon Tea!

Ha Haa!

Are you already a bit over the royal wedding? Everything seems to have gone “Kate and Will”. I am seeing mugs, coasters, doggy poop bags and all sorts stamped the with the royal seal of approval from CrapMerchants RE US and they are literally littering the streets. Don’t get me wrong I totally understand the need for celebration,however surely we could down scale it just a touch? The wedding is about a month away and I’m so over it. You can imagine my delight when I heard the news from The Met Bar. They are going to have An-Tea Establishment Afternoon Tea!

Earlier this week I was invited to an exclusive look at what is going to be served from 22nd of April until 8th of May. Think of it is an antidote to all the wedding hysteria! I put on my biker boots, skinny jeans and the rest of my East London uniform and headed off to see what was going to happen.You all know The Met bar? Right? It’s fabulous. Very chilled and stylish. I could spend few good hours there,drinking single malt whiskey’s, but that’s not the point. The point is that they are about to start serving the most imaginative afternoon tea in town!

The savory dishes include ‘Quiche a la Fergie’ (chorizo and spinach), which just melts in your mouth. The fitness people will love the no bread cucumber sandwiches (I did) and the healthier take on prawn cocktail. We all know I have an impossibly bad behaved sweet tooth and it was not disappointed! My favourite thing was ‘Strawberries and cream’ mini macaroons. Insane. Could have eaten a 100 of them. Lush. There is also a special drink “God Save the Queen”, which is whiskey based, loved it. Of course if you are not drinking there is a long lists of non –alcoholic cocktails (why would you NOT be drinking?) and teas. Music is very pun k rock inspired and the entire setting feels very iconic. I really enjoyed my time at The Met Bar and I think that they truly have something very special on their hands.

Amazing food, iconic setting and generally great atmosphere. I would strongly advise you to book now as the “Anti Royal” Afternoon Tea only runs from April 22nd to 8th of May. You can of course visit their website or book by calling +44 (0)20 7447 4757. Easy. Call now, book the day and go enjoy some non royal time at The Met.
Just remember to go punk!  

I swear I did NOT eat them all

Mens Fashion : Shorts!

I am perfectly aware that it is only mid March, however the entire morning I have not been able to “shake” shorts out of my head. So, instead of trying to fight it, I decided that it was indeed time to find the best shorts around for spring holidays in the sun and great basics to work around in the coming summer months (fingers crossed). This post is purely fashion related, I shall do “gay shorts” another time. Also, thinking about swimwear and gym stuff. Gays of the world, please let me know what you would like me to search for. This morning though, I am closing my eyes and I swear I it’s +35C, the sun is warming my skin up and I am drinking ice-cold rose. Here are my best finds when it comes to men’s shorts.
Acne Tailored Turn-Up Cotton Shorts. I am a sucker for short shorts, I adore my legs and the only way to show them off is in teeny shorts. However, since I wear as little as I can at the beach I do tend to cover up little more once I am done sunning myself. These little adorable shorts from Acne would be perfect to throw on over the speedo, tank top and flip-flops. Done. Ready for a beverage!  They come in at £150, but I would wear them relentlessly, so no drama.
Turn it up!

Topman Stone Tailored Shorts. I am a sucker for tailored shorts and these would really come handy once London finally starts heating up. The best thing about these shorts? Yours for 30 quid! Tailored shorts are the best place to start for a great city look. I wear mine very tailored and with a shirt. Just to get the point across that I might be wearing shorts, but I do mean business. Beige is the perfect color for summer as we know, white shorts are a bit naff unless you are in Cannes and other colours can be little too dark. Go for gold.

Gap Plaid Flat-Front Shorts. Sometimes there isn’t anything sexier than a man in plaid shorts and a polo shirt. I love rocking the “preppy muscle cindy” – look. (I did manage to add some gay in this piece in the end) I have just about enough muscles to fill a polo shirt and as I used the dance and wrestle (perhaps the best combo ever), my legs look great in “proper” shorts. Now, I found these at Gap, but on the US side of things and haven’t been able to locate them in this country. Bummer. They are yours for 45 bucks. Bargain. These will indeed look great with a polo shirt, but equally cool with a collar or a t-shirt. Just make sure the shorts fit well, no reason them to be skin-tight, or baggy as hell. They need to fit perfect.

"preppy muscle cindy"

All Saint Chalk Richardson Shorts These will become my uniform for visiting the markets of East London. Just amaze. Like I said I am not a fan of white shorts, unless I am far away from London. These however aren’t white, but fabulous. I would wear these fairly tight, clinging to my legs for dear life, with some funny looking canvas shoes and a loose t-shirt. See, my East London Uniform. Really enjoying the shade of white / grey. Super. All Saints have all sorts of shorts and I would strongly advice to have a look online. You never know what you might find. Yours for £60


Dries Van Noten Pencil Cotton Shorts Have the wedding invites started coming in yet? If so, I dare you to try something different and wear shorts on someone else BIG day. I have worn shorts few times to summer weddings and might I say, they worked a treat. Really a great way to NOT TO BLEND IN and still look effortlessly gorgeous. Make sure, your legs have been groomed and polished. All eyes will be on them, make sure they are ready. Yours for £210.


There, five pairs of fabulous shorts for all occasion. Go on, show off your legs this summer!