Calling ALL pet owners!

OMG! I have the best news, is time to get snapping people! Albelli the online book specialist is launching a competition to find the funniest, most unusual and of course just amazingly cute animal pictures in the world. Amazing. Did you know that most animals loving Brits take more photos of their pets than their kids. Seriously. I would most likely too. Our  dogs are the cutest. Fact. However, since I am being fair for once, I am telling you all about this competition so the girls don’t just get a home run without any competition. It isn’t a win, if there isn’t competition after all. This is how you do it, be 18 or over, choose the eight (that’s the max) amazing pics of your dog, cat, pony, bat, lizard etc and click to Albelli’s dedicated Facebook page. Upload the photos and wait for the results. The winner will be decided by public vote and will receive an amazing price, the stylish Flip Video Ultra Camcorder.
Amaze. So, better hop to it. I know I am.

Grace and Audrey