Secrets of collagen!

Ladies, I have found something fairly impressive and only natural that I share that with you all. We all know what a big part collagen plays in keeping us looking gorgeous and as science tells us, by the age of 40 your body has lost 15% of collagen production, by age of 60 it has been reduced by about 45%. This is not good news for anyone wanting to look fresh and young. Now, collagen alone wont make you look 40 if you are 60, but it will help with health and youthfulness. Now we may not all want to look 11, but little help from the inside never goes to waste. I discovered Transformulas ‘Ageless Body Collagen Boost’ capsules few months back and was really impressed with the scientific proof that they do actually work. So, ordered some and have been taking the religiously for the past six weeks and so far I am impressed. As you girls all know I am all about skin care, work with what you have and use the right products. As I just turned 32, I have been starting to see changes on my skin, it’s not looking as “tight” or a glowy (no matter how much radiance serum I use) as it did few years back. I am not one for going under the knife (at least not yet) and really wanted to see if little capsules would make a difference. The results are in, they sure do make a difference. I haven’t changed anything in my skin care and yet people have been commenting on how my skin looks, apparently I look fresh and somewhat younger. This is never bad news. The capsules work on the cellular level, delivering a potent anti-aging ingredients to the entire body; stimulating skin’s natural repair, replacing skin’s lost elasticity and so forth. WINNER! I can definitely say that I have seen results, so I would urge you all to click to Transformulas for stocklists!

Magic capsules!


Boys Fashion: Gucci Gucci Gucci

I love my classic Gucci belt, you know, green and red with a silver buckle. I got it as a gift few years back and do wear it to death. However, sometimes I do wish that I could wear Gucci without it being blates obvious. I like my designer clobber like the next person, but I do not need to be branded at all times. Enter the new belt from Gucci, loves it. Navy leather on one side and nylon navy nylon with the red stripe on the other. Great little piece to add to your wardrobe. Wear the navy side with your suit or with anything more formal and the stripes for the weekend or more casual look. Two belts in one. Done and done. Get yours now from Mr Porter.

Loves it.

Girls Fashion: Calvin Klein vs. Zara

Ladies, I have found two fabulous dresses for this spring and obviously wanted to share the news with you all. If I were a girl. I would be wearing bright colors right now to go with the spring weather. Fabulous colors are all around and you really should add some of it to your wardrobe. If you are too scared to go all the way, make do with some fabulous heels, great little bag or even just a necklace in an eye popping color. Do it now before it’s too late. The summer will bring along white trousers and maxi dresses, so now it really is time to go bright and work it out.

There are two dresses currently out that you can easily turn into a great little outfit for the office and going out. One is from Calvin Klein, gorgeous 100% silk, eye catching color and great shape that will hide little lumps here and there. Fabulous. If you have never worn 100& silk, you have no idea what you are missing. Invest in a great piece that you will wear for years to come, since brights keep coming back every spring for a good reason. Great little way to make yourself stand out from the crowd, in a Calvin Klein kind of way. The second one comes from Zara of all places. We all know and love Zara for different reasons. I go there to pick up my basics, the things I know I will wear over and over again and they don’t cost the earth. Great pieces for little cash involved. However, I feel that in the last few seasons Zara have really upped their game when it comes to being a head of the game. Take this dress for example, great little take on the brights and all for £26 and it comes in three colors. Perfection. There you have it, pick your price bracket and go forth and conquer the world of bright colors.  


Battle of the brights


Jockey 135 – Birthday Party at The Hospital Club

Its a great line...really.

Last night I was invited to a very special event, Jockey‘s 135th birthday party! The event was held at the ever fabulous hospital Club in London and I knew it was going to be great evening ahead. There was going to be hot men wearing very little. What was not to like? Seriously.

After settling in and getting a drink, I decided that it was time to mingle. Spotted the ever so lovely Zoe Griffin and we shared few stories about her recently moving offices, hiding in the toilets and what ever happened to The Wellington. Turns out we are quite similar, tall, dark and incredibly gorgeous. Zoe was there for a short while as she was of course off to another party. Shame she missed the catwalk. I briefly chatted with the boys from GT. We shared our thoughs on the best fragrances and which of the summer trends is going to be the biggest one. In general a great little party crowd.

The catwalk was of course already fitted and after a few bevvies and snacks there was an announcement, THE SHOW WAS ABOUT TO START. I took my place on front row (like I would even consider sitting anywhere else) and settled down to see some underwear roll down the runway.

The amazing Dylan Jones gave us an introduction to the evening ahead, explaining the history of Jockey and how it all got started. Did you know that back in the day it was considered shameful to model underwear so the model’s faces were covered, as you do. I had no idea, thank you Dylan for educating me once again. (ps. If you don’t know about Dylan Jones, you need to google ASAP, he is one of my style heroes). Dylan finished off and the lights dimmed, it was SHOWTIME! Whoop. I havent been to an underwear show in ages, so wasnt quite what to expect. Safe to say all my “expectations” were blown away. The show consisted of the many faces of Jockey. We had the style from way back when, up to all the new stuff that is out now. Swimwear and boxer shorts. It was all there. Plus the show included a little history and even a rope pulling challenge. I mean really. It was amazing. For more photos, just click here. If you also look under my videos, there are few from the show. Very handsome men in very little clothing. Whoop!

Must admit, I have not been on the ball so to speak with Jockey as you all know I wear my Aussiebums etc. Last night thou, my eyes were opened. Truly. There were few pairs of boxer shorts, that I MUST purchase right this minute and the swimwear, HELLO! I am thinking the white and black for this coming summer. Boys and girls, go have a look at their site. They have been doing underwear for 135 years and still going strong and last night I found out why. As they say in USA, Jockey or nothing.

Swimmers for Summer 2011

23.03.2011 – The Bagis by Urbanears

Loves it.

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I have just discovered the future of inner ear headphones, Urbanears and their newest addition to the product line, The Bagis. I am over the moon and beyond. Got home last night and there was a slip from the post office, racked my brain to figure out what on earth had I ordered now and realized that only thing it could be was my new headphones. Sadly the post office had already closed for the day, ugh. However, bright and early this morning, I got up, did the usual morning routine and literally ran into the post office. Handed ticket and ID over and BAM. I took hold of my head phones. Whooooop!

First of all the packaging is so cool, I was almost too excited about it to even rip it open. One snaggle tooth later, I had the box open and was holding my new Navy Bagis in my hands. Secondly, I first got excited about Urbanears last year as I discovered that they do headphones in all the colors of the rainbow. There are now four different models, ranging from the new Bagis (inner ear) to Plattan (classic’s) and everything in between. The best news? It is possible to get them all in 29 colors!

Boys, girls and gays. It is time to start matching!
Anyway, back to my Bagis. They have been designed to be the compact version of the full Urbanears experience and I have been sold. The ear pieces are comfortable to wear, barely noticed them and for something that teeny, they are amazing in blocking sound. I took my normal ride on the Central line and I could not hear a thing other than my music.  Outside sounds are totally blocked and the sound you get is insanely good. I heard base in songs I have not heard yet, the sound is warm, clear and pumping. You seriously feel completely surrounded by your music and nothing can disturb that. The Bagis have a great little extra feature, they snap together, so you can carry them around your neck when not in use. Clever and a great option for people like me! I am in love with these. The only problem now is that I would really like them in every color to match the mood I am in. If you are looking for great price headphones that delivered TOP QUALITY sound, look no further than Urbanears. Unbelievable. Thank you for making me fall in love with my music collection all over again. Amazeballs.  (Ps. You buy a red pair now from here, half of the price goes to aiding people in Japan!!! Go buy now!)

Too cute!

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Profile on Adam Moger, Retail Manager for Boodles

Adam and Gruff (awwwww)

This week’s profile is one of which I have been chasing for a while. I met Adam Moger a while back and was immediately intriqued about his chosen career as a Retail Manager for Boodles. I have never met anyone who works in the jewellery business, let alone for a luxury brand like Boodles. As I am interested, it of course means that so are all you lot. So without further nonsense, over to Adam!

Hi Adam and thanks for joining!

1. Tell us what is it that you do?
Retail Manager for Boodles luxury jewellers. We have a new boutique within the Savoy Hotel, I am responsible for looking after existing customers and generating new customer base from the Hotel and surrounding area.

2. How did you get started in the business? Was it always what you wanted to do?
My mother had always commissioned jewellery for herself and I used to go along with her and help her choose the stones etc, I fell in love with the loose gemstones and associated sparkly, shiney things. After deciding the option of Fireman wasn’t right for me, yes I always wanted to go into gemstones in some way. I originally qualified with a degree in Gemology, a subdivision of Geology specialising in gem stones etc. From there I fell into retail and have been doing it ever since.
3. what is the best part of your job, and the worst of course?!
At the risk of sounding cheesy the best bit of my job is having somebody walk out overjoyed by what they’ve bought and the experience they’ve enjoyed whilst buying it. The worst part is dealing with customers who have no concept of how to treat a piece of hand-made fine jewellery. The phrase, “I spent £xxxxx on this therefore I expect it to be more hard-wearing” makes me mad, price has no bearing on durability. I mean would you drive a Bugatti across a field or wear a couture gown to do the gardening in…? Exactly! Fine jewellery needs maintainance regularly and then it will last life times.

4. In a perfect word, what would you like to be doing if not your current career?
Ski Instructor would definitely be at the top of the list although more practically, I love event organising and run some of the big events for the company. This was very nearly an option if I hadn’t done well in selling the bling.
5.  Any advice to anyone thinking about a career in luxury jewellery?
Do your research into the brands that you like and approach the ones you like via phone to introduce yourself to the relevant person then back it up with a personalised letter and your CV. This is what I did and had 5 opportunities offered to me. Most luxury jewellers like ourselves get dozens of CV’s a week but the ones that stand out are those that we can instantly imagine looking after one of our customers.In short present yourself like you would to a customer of that company and you’ll have a good chance.

Right, since Adam wanted to be a fireman and ended up playing with jewels all day long, I am thinking that I need to get into the business as well. I will of course be wearing a ski instructor outfit while dripping in diamonds. Me and Adam aren’t really that different, other that he gets to look at gorgeous jewellery all day long and I get to dream about wearing them! Fast forward 25 years and I will most likely be one of those queens who wear big rings and shiny things. I am counting on Adam for NOT letting this happen. 
1. The first thing you do in the morning when you get up?
I’m a morning freak, I smile when i wake up. and switch say morning to my followers on Twitter. (Msalonen: This is true, he is always happy on twitter in the mornings!)
2. Before you leave the house, you always check?
I have my phone and headphones to listen to my music.
3. On your way to work, you?
I normally go to the gym before work then pop into Cafe Nero for a grande skinny latte.
4. At the end of the day you look forward to?
Chilling out and getting into jeans and a t-shirt.
5. The last thing you do before you go to bed?
Shower, then say night to everyone on twitter. (Msalonen, again true. Every night without a fail)

Adam, thank you so much for joining us (well me) and shining a little light on your chosen career path. I do hope you realize that I will be hounding you for shiny things for years to come!

I have been STORMed

I want them all...

This morning I had the pleasure of attending a breakfast event that celebrated the next season’s offerings for STORM, and I must say, yet again I have been STORMed. As we all know, STORM is a British watch brand. That’s what they are known for, however they do a lot of other stuff too, sunglasses, bags, bracelets just to name a few. However, as I am addicted to watches, that’s what I am going to talk about. Again.

First up is the fabulously colorful Digiplex. I am in rubberized love. Really like the combo of the digital screen and rubber color splash bracelets. Funnily enough I have my eye on the black one. Perhaps because its matt. I have an array of rubber colourful watches, perhaps that’s the reason why the next one will be black. Yes. Gimme. They aren’t expensive either, obviously I have forgotten how much they are, but remember thinking “Wow, that’s reasonable”. I may need the blue one too.

The second patch I have my eyes on is called “Viktor” and it’s a nice take on a classic watch. We all know that STORM is often a little out there, colorful, bling, bells and whistles. Which is fine and amazing, but sometimes one just wants a classic looking watch that will go with anything and everything. I heart the middle one with the blue face and have put it on my “things I must buy” list. Greatness. Slighty more expensive than the rubbery one, but so worth it. I would urge you all to go have a look online or in store and see what beautiful bright and girly items they have for girls this season and what sturdy accessories they are serving us men. Stormed. Again.



I WANT! Diesel v-neck!

LOVE it.

I would LOVE MYSELF SICK in this v-neck. Have been searching all over town for the perfect v-neck and quite frankly have just struck gold in this top by Diesel. I have an addiction to Diesel jeans, this is no secret. Current collection spans over 30 pairs. I have been known to buy the same pair twice and store the second pair until the first pair is worn to death. However, other Diesel stuff has never really caught my eye. Their underwear fits me odd, I think this is because my butt is some sort of genetic lottery win, narrow hips and so forth and their tops even if they have fitted well, I have never bought any. That’s a lie. I have got a one t-shirt. Loved it to death and then left it somewhere sunny. Oh well. Anyway, so this v-neck, every year around end of February / March I get a little depressed. The winter is usually still firmly in place, there is no sunshine, no blue skies and it gets a little dull. To spark things up, I must go and spend the money on this top, ASAP. I am not so keen on the writing, but the blue and purple stripes, fabulous. The sneaky spy I am, I have already tried this on (glad it wasn’t pay day when I poured myself into it) and it does look amaze. Great shape, makes me shoulders and pecs look huge and don’t even get started on my hulk like arms. Winner! Get yours now and follow me in the purple rain. (That made no sense, did it?)