28.03.2011 – Mr Sailor Salonen

Today I go as Sailor Salonen. It’s summer time, we have lost an hour and that pisses me off on a global scale. However, to counter act the new time, I thought I would cheer myself (and everyone) around me today with a t-shirt of epic scale. It is time to go nautical! My stripes came from good old H&M,cheap as chips and so workable. Loving the crisp whiteness and the gorgeous royal blue. The stripes finish at the shoulders, making me look much wider than I actually am. BONUS! To embrace spring and work some sailor inspired items in you look, there is only really one rule to remember. Less is definitely more in city sailor-look. If you are lucky enough to visit South of France this summer, you can go all out with nauticalness, but in the city. Keep it to one key item (like my t-shirt). I could have worn white trousers to really work it out, but I shall leave those for Cannes. Buy a scarf, belt, bag, top or a hat. Make that one item count, make it bright and bold and work it out! Sailor Salonen.
(Excuse the photo, the Starbucks had not kicked in yet!)

Sailor Salonen


23.03.2011 – The Bagis by Urbanears

Loves it.

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I have just discovered the future of inner ear headphones, Urbanears and their newest addition to the product line, The Bagis. I am over the moon and beyond. Got home last night and there was a slip from the post office, racked my brain to figure out what on earth had I ordered now and realized that only thing it could be was my new headphones. Sadly the post office had already closed for the day, ugh. However, bright and early this morning, I got up, did the usual morning routine and literally ran into the post office. Handed ticket and ID over and BAM. I took hold of my head phones. Whooooop!

First of all the packaging is so cool, I was almost too excited about it to even rip it open. One snaggle tooth later, I had the box open and was holding my new Navy Bagis in my hands. Secondly, I first got excited about Urbanears last year as I discovered that they do headphones in all the colors of the rainbow. There are now four different models, ranging from the new Bagis (inner ear) to Plattan (classic’s) and everything in between. The best news? It is possible to get them all in 29 colors!

Boys, girls and gays. It is time to start matching!
Anyway, back to my Bagis. They have been designed to be the compact version of the full Urbanears experience and I have been sold. The ear pieces are comfortable to wear, barely noticed them and for something that teeny, they are amazing in blocking sound. I took my normal ride on the Central line and I could not hear a thing other than my music.  Outside sounds are totally blocked and the sound you get is insanely good. I heard base in songs I have not heard yet, the sound is warm, clear and pumping. You seriously feel completely surrounded by your music and nothing can disturb that. The Bagis have a great little extra feature, they snap together, so you can carry them around your neck when not in use. Clever and a great option for people like me! I am in love with these. The only problem now is that I would really like them in every color to match the mood I am in. If you are looking for great price headphones that delivered TOP QUALITY sound, look no further than Urbanears. Unbelievable. Thank you for making me fall in love with my music collection all over again. Amazeballs.  (Ps. You buy a red pair now from here, half of the price goes to aiding people in Japan!!! Go buy now!)

Too cute!

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21.03.2011 – Jo Malone “Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne”

Surprisingly amaze!

The best thing about having a birthday? PRESENTS! I am now officially in my 32nd year and as scary as it is, I am taking it to my stride and keeping my chin up. I mean really, 32 is the new 28, therefore I have nothing to worry about so to speak. I am a 32-year-old gay man, deal with it. However, back to presents. In recent years, I have stopped being so OCD and have not been handing out a list, where potential present buyers can choose from. I now just let it all unravel itself. This year I was blessed with amazing presents once again. From friends all over the world and here in London and of course from the Husbear.

Which brings me to Jo Malone. I am obsessed yet again. “Earl Grey & Cucumber”. I mean REALLY. As I first heard of this new scent, I thought to myself that this time they have gone TOO FAR, I rather not smell like tea and cucumber. Or would I? Come to think of it, I certainly would and it is just what I am wearing today. I smell gorgeous. I know you are all thinking that I have finally lost it. We did do few highlights last night and the bleach most likely leaked into my head. However, this is not the reason why I adore the cologne. It smells divine and goes straight to the top of my favourite fragrances of all time, a list that keep growing longer and longer. YEAY!

17.03.2011 – i-Station26


This morning (and really last night too), I needed some boost to get me moving. You know me, I am a mover and a shaker, but sometimes even I need a little “help”. I of course tried wine first (last night, not this morning), didn’t help. Then started thinking, what do I usually do when I need a little help. The answer is easy, MUSIC! Few weeks back I “accidentally” rewired my old docking station with telephone wire. Safe to say it was not a success and the entire thing obviously stopped working. Bummer. As I was in the market for a new docking station, I started searching. I already decided that even thought I would like to spend thousands on a fierce dock, I really shouldn’t. So budget was set to £100 or under and I was off to the wonderful world of Amazon. Few clicks in I discovered the iStation26 and I was immediately excited. Started reading about the features and I was getting more excited. I wanted something with FM radio, check. I wanted something that could wake me up with my own songs (Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 being current favourite), check. I wanted something that looks great, black and shiny, check. I was sold, quick order and few days later it arrived.

As I am impatient only child, the box was ripped open with my snag tooth, wires attached and the docking station was plugged, iPod docked and I pressed play. Safe to say the first song I played was Rihanna’s S&M, my current favourite track as I think I could become a millionaire dancing to it. Anyway, the song starts and I am impressed. The docking station isn’t very big, it looks slick and stylish, so I was little concerned that the sound wouldn’t be all that great. Fear not. It was. Base was pumping nicely courtesy of the built-in sub-woofer. The stereo sound is clear, bright and feels very warm. Quick change and I was surrounded by Adele’s soulful voice and it made me shiver. For me the test is how well a docking station plays “proper” music, any player will do a good job on your chart hits, but can they handle the soul voices of Christina, Etta, Adele or Aretha? The iStation26 made me quiver. Winner.

With the sound quality being amaze, plus a BIG handful of other features, such as the cutest remote control ever (that you can use to explore the menu on your iPhone and iPod), iPhone 4 compatible, TDAM Suppression Technology (eliminates any interference from your phone) and the possibility to be used as a standalone speakers, no iPod required! Superior sound quality, good looks and amazingly fast trickle charger (my iPod Touch was charged full within 20min) and the quiver factor have left me seriously  impressed this little device. Lot of tech for very little cash and it really is a total sound solution for our East London flat.

18.02.2011 – Aveda

 As I came home from the gym this morning and wiped away the sweat, my skin felt a little tight. There are few possible reason for this. The beastly gym sessions dried my skin out, I missed a step in my skin care routine last night or skin had a shock of how cold it was as I left the house at 6.25am.

Anyhow, as I searched the bathroom for a solution. I was in no mood for opening packaging, nor trying something new. I needed a quick trusted fix. Enter Aveda’s Intense Hydrating Mask. Done. It kinda feels like hair gel. Does anyone still use hair gel? Do you remember what it feels like? Anyhow, it feels a bit odd as you cover your face with it. You do look like an alien version of yourself while it’s on. However, it sinks in like no tomorrow. I slapped mine on and let it sink in while I had my porridge. Washed it off in the shower, followed by toner, eye & day cream. Voila. I have amazing skin again. Feels smoother than a baby’s bottom. Go on, feel it. I dare you!

I feel pretty

17.02.2011 – Purple Rain!

Boys and girls. This morning I was feeling a little color injection to my day. As I am now in my early 30’s, I refuse to wear bright colors, apart when it comes to under wear. Oh, and I do have few t-shirts that scream color. Anyway, the point is that I wanted some subtle color in my day, enter my purple cardigan from Uniqlo. There, that’s better. Uniqlo cardigans are fabulous. They are a good fit, awesome colors and they seem to be hard-wearing, they even have an extra lining under the buttons, keeps it looking sturdy. Clever!  What more could you want? Great basic for work. I seriously urge you all to go look!

Purple Rain in the form of a cardi





14.02.2011 – Primark

Now I could have gone the Valentine’s Day route and worn something pink today. However, I decided that since I am wearing Jean Paul Gaultier and smelling like flowers (hot gay flowers), I did not have to go overboard. Instead I am wearing my new rubbery arm candy from PRIMARK! You all know I adore my designer stuff, but this PRIMARK watch is just plain fabulous. Done, deal with it. Just remember to combine your rubber wrist wear with diamonds, takes it up a notch.

Rubbered up!

31.01.2011 – Diamonds

Dearest all, today I am all about “wrist wear”, like so many other mornings really. I rarely leave the house without a watch at least. Most often I do decorate my little skinny wrist with others, today being one of those day. I have a Sheryl Berkoff bracelet. Well, I don’t have. He does, but I wear it. Oh well. She is Rob Lowe’s wife and is now designing jewellery. I wish I could find her website, but I don’t want to. Do your own research. Seriously. My watch is still my cobalt blue (face) STORM. Wondering why I have been wearing this one for weeks on end now. Shall make a change tomorrow. Something new and different. My current favourite watch by Fossil is unfortunately going to be sent to get fixed as it broke. Booo! Anyway, today I am sparking with diamonds and why not I say. Because you are all worth it, and if you are not, then stop reading. Thanks. ps. I am also wearing my new African inspired bracelet made by the man himself. Apparently it makes me look like a HAWT surfer. Bonus!

Watch by Storm, bracelets by Sheryl Berkoff and Will Malherbe

30.01.2011 – Tom Ford

Today I felt like wearing my “other” signature fragnance, Tom Ford’s “Extreme”. It was a present from the man a while back and now on my second bottle. This smells divine. A bit darker than my Diptyque one. The thing is you do need few fragnances in your collection, unless of course you can find one that you adore so much, you are willing to wear it to every occasion. (we are clearly still looking for that “one”, see below for the current collection). Anyhow, I felt like smelling hawt, musky and a little like gay sex. Done.

Tom Ford, Extreme

The Current Collection

(All photo taken with SANYO XACTI GC-100, fabulous)

29.01.2011 – PULL & BEAR

It was another cold London morning and as I was getting ready to head to Cecconis’s for breakfast I decided to bring out the BIG guns: My PULL & BEAR scarf. I got it in early December and it has been keeping me warm ever since. The snow flake pattern is far too cute for me to deal with. I look like a magical snow elf. Right? Just noticed that in the photo, my jacket is on backwards (looks like it) and the pic is fuzzy as it was too cold to hold the camera still. Ooops. Anyway, wrap up warm for the weekend, it’s freezing out there.

Jacket from Zara, scarf from Pull & Bear, hair models own