I have been STORMed

I want them all...

This morning I had the pleasure of attending a breakfast event that celebrated the next season’s offerings for STORM, and I must say, yet again I have been STORMed. As we all know, STORM is a British watch brand. That’s what they are known for, however they do a lot of other stuff too, sunglasses, bags, bracelets just to name a few. However, as I am addicted to watches, that’s what I am going to talk about. Again.

First up is the fabulously colorful Digiplex. I am in rubberized love. Really like the combo of the digital screen and rubber color splash bracelets. Funnily enough I have my eye on the black one. Perhaps because its matt. I have an array of rubber colourful watches, perhaps that’s the reason why the next one will be black. Yes. Gimme. They aren’t expensive either, obviously I have forgotten how much they are, but remember thinking “Wow, that’s reasonable”. I may need the blue one too.

The second patch I have my eyes on is called “Viktor” and it’s a nice take on a classic watch. We all know that STORM is often a little out there, colorful, bling, bells and whistles. Which is fine and amazing, but sometimes one just wants a classic looking watch that will go with anything and everything. I heart the middle one with the blue face and have put it on my “things I must buy” list. Greatness. Slighty more expensive than the rubbery one, but so worth it. I would urge you all to go have a look online or in store and see what beautiful bright and girly items they have for girls this season and what sturdy accessories they are serving us men. Stormed. Again.



Boys, dreaming of a new watch?

You may well be aware that our watch collection is taking over the bedside table so much so that we now have to keep some watches in their boxes and within the draws. This isn’t ideal as I do like having them all “on show”. Makes is a lot easier to pick one to wear in the morning. despite this dilemma, I have just seen another watch that is going straight to the “I want” – list. Well, actually two! One is the gorgeous J12 Marine by Chanel. This has to be one of my favorite watches ever and on the dream list. I keep hoping that one morning I wake up and it has magically arrived. So far NADA! Dear Chanel Fairy, will you please consider dropping by one of these days? I am asking SO nicely. Since I know my reality (being always broke). I have cleverly found a replacement! Whoop! The Fossil Decker Black Chronograph will destroy the dream of me buying house a lot less than Chanel and quite frankly I adore it. Not J’ adore. But still. So there you have it. My dream watch with a clever replacement until I can afford to get “the one”. Ooooh SHINY!

One day...one day...