Secrets of collagen!

Ladies, I have found something fairly impressive and only natural that I share that with you all. We all know what a big part collagen plays in keeping us looking gorgeous and as science tells us, by the age of 40 your body has lost 15% of collagen production, by age of 60 it has been reduced by about 45%. This is not good news for anyone wanting to look fresh and young. Now, collagen alone wont make you look 40 if you are 60, but it will help with health and youthfulness. Now we may not all want to look 11, but little help from the inside never goes to waste. I discovered Transformulas ‘Ageless Body Collagen Boost’ capsules few months back and was really impressed with the scientific proof that they do actually work. So, ordered some and have been taking the religiously for the past six weeks and so far I am impressed. As you girls all know I am all about skin care, work with what you have and use the right products. As I just turned 32, I have been starting to see changes on my skin, it’s not looking as “tight” or a glowy (no matter how much radiance serum I use) as it did few years back. I am not one for going under the knife (at least not yet) and really wanted to see if little capsules would make a difference. The results are in, they sure do make a difference. I haven’t changed anything in my skin care and yet people have been commenting on how my skin looks, apparently I look fresh and somewhat younger. This is never bad news. The capsules work on the cellular level, delivering a potent anti-aging ingredients to the entire body; stimulating skin’s natural repair, replacing skin’s lost elasticity and so forth. WINNER! I can definitely say that I have seen results, so I would urge you all to click to Transformulas for stocklists!

Magic capsules!


Girls Fashion: Calvin Klein vs. Zara

Ladies, I have found two fabulous dresses for this spring and obviously wanted to share the news with you all. If I were a girl. I would be wearing bright colors right now to go with the spring weather. Fabulous colors are all around and you really should add some of it to your wardrobe. If you are too scared to go all the way, make do with some fabulous heels, great little bag or even just a necklace in an eye popping color. Do it now before it’s too late. The summer will bring along white trousers and maxi dresses, so now it really is time to go bright and work it out.

There are two dresses currently out that you can easily turn into a great little outfit for the office and going out. One is from Calvin Klein, gorgeous 100% silk, eye catching color and great shape that will hide little lumps here and there. Fabulous. If you have never worn 100& silk, you have no idea what you are missing. Invest in a great piece that you will wear for years to come, since brights keep coming back every spring for a good reason. Great little way to make yourself stand out from the crowd, in a Calvin Klein kind of way. The second one comes from Zara of all places. We all know and love Zara for different reasons. I go there to pick up my basics, the things I know I will wear over and over again and they don’t cost the earth. Great pieces for little cash involved. However, I feel that in the last few seasons Zara have really upped their game when it comes to being a head of the game. Take this dress for example, great little take on the brights and all for £26 and it comes in three colors. Perfection. There you have it, pick your price bracket and go forth and conquer the world of bright colors.  


Battle of the brights


I have been STORMed

I want them all...

This morning I had the pleasure of attending a breakfast event that celebrated the next season’s offerings for STORM, and I must say, yet again I have been STORMed. As we all know, STORM is a British watch brand. That’s what they are known for, however they do a lot of other stuff too, sunglasses, bags, bracelets just to name a few. However, as I am addicted to watches, that’s what I am going to talk about. Again.

First up is the fabulously colorful Digiplex. I am in rubberized love. Really like the combo of the digital screen and rubber color splash bracelets. Funnily enough I have my eye on the black one. Perhaps because its matt. I have an array of rubber colourful watches, perhaps that’s the reason why the next one will be black. Yes. Gimme. They aren’t expensive either, obviously I have forgotten how much they are, but remember thinking “Wow, that’s reasonable”. I may need the blue one too.

The second patch I have my eyes on is called “Viktor” and it’s a nice take on a classic watch. We all know that STORM is often a little out there, colorful, bling, bells and whistles. Which is fine and amazing, but sometimes one just wants a classic looking watch that will go with anything and everything. I heart the middle one with the blue face and have put it on my “things I must buy” list. Greatness. Slighty more expensive than the rubbery one, but so worth it. I would urge you all to go have a look online or in store and see what beautiful bright and girly items they have for girls this season and what sturdy accessories they are serving us men. Stormed. Again.



COMPETITION! Girls Fashion : Dinner in Paris

Would you like to win a bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh? If so… Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter!

My dear friend Mrs Heidi Hollywood is heading to Paris in April and not ONLY to run the bloody marathon, but to celebrate her 10 year anniversary with her husband. Now, what better way than celebrate in Paris? It is one of the most romantic cities in the world, plus you can get away with wearing a lot more creative, more lady-like stuff than you can in London. Well, I guess it depends on the girl. Heidi has been training for the marathon for months now, so her body is pretty rocking. Angel, this is what I would suggest you wear on that special night in Paris!

Heels from Office Now, Heidi has had problems with heels before, however I could not let her do this dinner in flats. Just couldn’t. So, I have gone with a chunkier heel. She will be well supported even after some bubbles and wine. Plus once she gets back home, she will be able to wear these with jeans, skirts and all sorts AND they only costs £62. Bargain.

Chunky for a reason!

Dress from ASOS AMAZED by the color. Incredible. Loving the 50’s style shape, very lady-like. Very girly. Very wife. since this is in Paris, we should really accept the European ways AND go all out. This dress is in no means “all out”, but it is a good start. Def. The shade of blue will look amazing on Heidi’s skin and her golden locks. Winner at £30.


Necklace and Earrings both from David Aubrey  Since the blue is ever SO blue, we need to play on its strengths. Enter David Aubrey and his Korina necklace and earrings. The coral will work amazing with the blue and you really need some girly jewels for the night. I would like to dress Heidi HTT in diamonds, but sadly that isn’t happening any time soon. However, we can trust David Aubrey to produce gorgeous pieces in affordable prices. 


Cardigan from Karen Millen I do not want Heidi to be getting cold on her way in our out of dinner, so I needed to find something lovely for her to cover herself up. This floaty cardigan from Karen Millen is perfection. Again great for wearing after you get back home for work and down the pub. At £105, you better wear it to death.
Love it

Ruben clutch from REISS. Its cute. Enough said.


I am also thinking that Heidi will need to smell like a vibrant summer field, enter Daisy Eau So Fresh By Marc Jacobs. This is the new updated version of “Daisy” and I think it is going to be flying off the selves! It smells divine, perfect for a romantic dinner with your husband, Mrs Hollywood! You will smell like a happy, sunny place and quite frankly just gorgeous. The notes include wild rose, raspberry, cedar wood and musk. I urge all your girls to go sniff this or better yet just buy it. I adore it.

COMPETITION time!  The lovely people at The Perfume Shop have donated one bottle of Daisy Eau So Fresh to and I am giving it away! To enter, please comment on the post, which item is YOUR favorite and how would YOU wear it. You have until the 15th of March to do so, then I will randomly choose the winner! Good Luck!

Girls Fashion – Wedding in March

Another day, another outfit. This time I am helping out my dear lovely Jessica as she has had her dress dream shattered. Jess is attending a wedding in March and she found an amazing dress only to find out that particular dress was out of stock and only available in April! I will spare the retailers identity and not name and shame them. Instead, I have come up with a little outfit for Jess for the wedding. She wanted something pretty, but not too summery since its only bloody March. As I started to look around for lovely finds on the high street, I realized that where I was headed might not be what Miss Cammack had in mind. I don’t like being tied down with my planning, so you will most likely get something “different” but here goes…

Ellison Shoe Boots from KG by Kurt Geiger. Now, I clearly wasnt thinking wedding when I saw these and my head went “POP”. I adore. Decided that this look for our Jess will be girly with a biker twist. I mean, if you are having your wedding in March, you are going to have to deal with people making their own choices. You are all thinking that you shouldnt wear shoe boots to a wedding, right? I don’t like “rules”, so therefore I am teaming these babies with the below….

Shoeboots are the way forward in weddings.

Yellow Ruffled Dress by Miss Sixty. The only problem with this dress is that since it is “high summer”, it is not available online yet. You are going to have to put on your shoes and head to the nearest store. Shame. However, this didn’t change my mind thou. This dress is absolutely gorgeous. Jess did say “nothing too summery”, oh well. This is why I chose this dress, wear it now with black accessories like here and then come summer, flip-flops and beach bag. SORTED. It’s girly and fun and little flirtatious. Winner.


Black Shrunken Blazer by Topshop. Just to add a little “wedding” into the outfit, this blazer is perfect. Shrunken, so it will look cute on Jessica’s tiny frame and the ruffles from the dress will be nicely emphasised. Every girl should really have a shrunken blazer and they don’t come much better than this one. Great little add-on to your wardrobe as after the wedding, you can wear this with your favorite jeans and look HAWT!

Honey, I shrunk the jacket

Peacock Feather Necklace by Alex Monroe. Ooooh. Love it. Feathers. Gold. Done.

Leather Bow Trim Clutch Bag by Topshop. Just to keep it girly. Loves the bow. Seriously a great little clutch, again one of the items every girl should have. Big enough to fit your lippy and mini hair spray, but not a second pair of shoes.


Jessica, here it is. My vision for the wedding. Go and conquer.

Girls Fashion: VEGAS BABY!

Ladies, as you have been asking for me to do something little less expensive since my last fashion post, I have decided to take note and create an outfit from the high street. Not only am I budgeting myself (until we get to shoes), I am also replying to another request from the amazing Lucy Miller, a fitness fanatic extraordinaire. She is headed to Las Vegas soon for something fabulous and asked if I would create an outfit for her. As I am a nice boy, I decided that I would. So, Lucy here is what you could (and I mean SHOULD) wear on a night out in Vegas, Baby!

Loretta Bow Platform Sandals by Topshop £70 Fabulous Loretta. Seriously, adore these. If in Vegas, you cannot wear “dull” shoes. No blacks, neutrals or other naff shoes. You need to go HIGH and add some color. As I think that most bright color shoes are tacky, I simply can’t suggest them to Lucy, so we are doing this gorgeous shade of lavender. Can you imagine tanned toes in these babies? Beautiful. 100% leather, so they will last and you never know, you might end up wearing them in Soho once the sun comes out in August.

Bows and platforms, loves it

Tribal Tutu Dress by Karen Millen £210. TUTU! Love it. As you will be mincing (do girls mince?) in Vegas, you really have to look the part. You will be on holiday, you will be tanned, you will be tipsy from 9am, so you might as well push the boat out. Let your legs and puppies do the talking and slip into this gorgeous tribal inspired dress from Karen Millen. Absolutely stunning. It’s flirty, girly, seductive, in short just about perfect for Vegas. I rather you wore a darker color than go all out in neon yellow. I think our Lucy would ROCK this one. Tribal Seduction

Tribal Seduction

The Box Clutch by Bottega Veneta £760 Ok. I really tried to find a bag to go with the dress cheaply, however then came across this gorgeous box clutch from the good people at BV. Honestly I didn’t “try” that hard. I love these bags and had to include one in this post. They come in almost every color in the rainbow and every woman should really own at least one. Preferably two. Mark my words ladies, this bag is classic and worth every penny.

Boxed amaze

Red Stretch Bracelet by Claire’s £3.50. Since I went a little nuts on the bag, I thought I should calm down for the accessories, hence Claire’s and this baby for all of 350 pennies. The color is GREAT, I would get a few, maybe three and put them all on one wrist to add some color. Bonus is that you can team them up with your bikini during the day and then style them at night. They are of course for a good cause too so all those pennies are well spent.


Right, I think that should do it, you are not going to need a cardigan as it will be steaming hot, plus you have lovely tone in your upper body, show it off. I would like your flowing locks on a high pony tail, sort of out-of-the-way type thing. Light foundation, lip gloss, cat eyes and natural nails on fingers and toes. Fabulous. Little tribal, little girly, 100% fierce. Lucy, go forth, drink and have a great time in Vegas. Just remember, don’t do anything I would do, which still leaves you quite a lot to do!!

Girls, it’s shopping time!

Ladies, I have been neglecting you all for a while and today it stops. It’s time to give you my idea of what you should be wearing right now. The rest of the world is starting to get nice and warm, depending where you are in the world of course. However, today is another freezing cold day in London. I iz not impressed. So, I started thinking, what would I be wearing if indeed I was called Maria instead of Marko. I would certainly not be working today, I would be in Paris nursing a hang over from the Mugler after party. Breakfast would have been served in bed and I was getting ready to go out, to see few shows, lunch with friends and shopping of course. How to look amazing when its freezing cold? This is my vision.

Burberry Prorsum Bonded Leather Jacket I love the color of this jacket, almost petrol blue, but not quite. The perfect leather jacket for this time of the year, well any time of the year really. Listen up ladies, you spend you cash on shoes, jackets and bags, the rest can be worked around these key items. Am I right? Of course I am!

Loves it

Gucci Python Ankle Boots These boots were made for shopping. Not walking on the cobbled streets of Paris, but if you really want to wear dead snakes on your feet, you find a way to make it work. I often see girls struggling in their heels and what they are missing is dedication. If you decide to wear ridiculous heels, then make it work. Take cabs if you can’t walk and what ever you do, DONT walk like a duck. It is revolt.

These boots were made for...?

Mason by Michelle Mason Skinny Leather Pants. I wish I could get away with skinny leather trousers. I really do. However, I can’t. They look odd. Which is odd in itself as I do have great legs (ask anyone). I am not bitter, just a little annoyed. So ladies, if you are lucky enough to be size 2 or smaller and have legs that reach your arm pits. Please wear skin-tight leather. It looks AMAZE.

Just the way I like tight leather…
Gucci Studded Silk Tank Oooh. I would SO wear this now. Even if I am called Marko. Jesus. Love it. End of.

I want one for ME

Yves Saint Laurent Cashmere Silk-blend Cardigan Now, I don’t anyone to be cold and there really isn’t any better way to keep warm(ish) than little YSL cashmere. This feels so soft, its like it was made out of kittens. Miiaoow. Nice and short, keep it sweet, plus the tank would look fabulous under. Done and done.

Part of the basics

Burberry Animal-print Modal and Cashmere Scarf, as much as I like leather, I do love my animal prints. I am starting to sound like a middle-aged Italian woman, arent I? Its cold, so you need a scarf. However, I don’t want any hair on the scarf, so please tie your hair on a high and messy pony tail. Thank you. The universe is in balance.


Nancy Gonzales Medium Crocodile Tote, Hello DEAD animals. Loves it. This is just what this muted outfit needs, a big bold splash of color. Fabulous. Keeps the blue going from the jacket and is big enough to fit everything Maria might need. I adore it.

Hello color!

 So there you have it, if you have any request of what looks you would like me to put together, please comment below and I will see what I can do. Must warn thou, I am not good with budgets…

Marko Loves Jo Loves

I am shaking with excitement today. It has finally been announced what Jo Malone is doing next. Whoop! We all know and love the luxury brand that is Jo Malone, created by Jo Malone (ahem). Unless you have been living in the sticks, this is all old news to you. Jo Malone (the brand, not the woman) was bought over by Estee Lauder Companies in 1999, Jo stayed on as a Chairwoman and Creative Director until 2006, when the company was sold to Estee Lauder in its entirety.

So, it has been five years and I have of course been wondering where did Jo go? What is she doing and what is she planning? Low and behold, enter Jo Loves! I am SO excited, seriously. As you all know our scent cabinet rivals the offering at Liberty’s and 30% of everything is Jo Malone. I am totally obsessed with the fragrances, body lotions and so forth. I would even go so far as saying that one of my favourite scents ever may well be “154”. It is delicious. I am smell delicious when wearing it and the compliments fly in like flies to butter, in a less sticky way of course.

So you can imagine my excitement when yesterday (I know day old news, the shame) she announced her new adventure, Jo Loves. This time the product line will be based on her own personal tastes and preferences. She is totally distancing herself from the brand that carries her name and said “This new company is me again, the person”. If you log onto the new website, you can see the new logo, which further secures the separation from Jo Malone – the brand. Rich scarlet background, yet simple, classic and stylish. The new collection of 40 products will launch in time for Christmas and I can’t wait. Seriously. I know the products will be the highest quality and I am going to fall head over heels in love with Jo Loves.

My top 5 Skin serums of all time

Ladies and queens (and any men reading)
This winter, I have really gotten into my serums. I went through a phase of being obsessed by face oils. Which truly speaking I still am, however it is time to give you the lowdown on serums. You are possibly thinking that it’s all just a load of s**t, but I kid you not.
My skin thanks me every morning for using a serum.Yes, I have conversations with my skin pre 7am.

Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Serum £60
Now this one is only just being launched. Available nationwide from February, but as I am special I got a bottle already in early January and let me tell you, I am hooked. The serum is light and almost fluffy. It glides on the skin beautifully, sealing and locking in hydration. It is of course filled with anti-aging ingredients that will help to smooth out those fine lines and wrinkles. I have been using it for a month now and I can seriously see a difference. Really loving this, which is why it went straight into my top 5.

Clarins Hydraquench Intensive Serum £38,29
This Clarins serum is for those days that you can actually feel your skin crack. You know? When it’s so cold, that it really feels like your cheeks might snap! You shake the bottle like a maniac to mix and the spray the serum out. It is light weight and goes on like liquid gold. On my skin it stings a little to start with. I use this most often at night, after a hot shower, in the morning I wake up with soft skin that looks hydrated and plump. Never a bad thing.
Sarah Chapman Overnight Exfoliating Booster £57
Now, this one isn’t really a “serum” as it is called booster. However, since discovering Sarah Chapman’s products in 2010, I have been totally addicted. As I hate using scrubs and exfoliations on my skin, this booster was made for me. It’s a potent cocktail of wonderful things that work while I sleep maximizing the skin’s own cell renewal. Brilliant. Could not be easier. I use it religiously on Sunday nights and it has started to make a difference. My skin seems smoother, better skin tone and not having any issues with clogged pores. I have radiant skin. Bingo!

Darphin Arovita C Line Response Firming Serum £58
Good old Darphin. I could not do a list of my favorite serums without Darphin. They have a HUGE selection of serums and skin oils etc, all which are matched to your skin type. As any 30 something year old I am terribly worried about the first signs of aging, enter Arovita C Line Firming Serum. Smells lush and three pumps sinks into the skin leaving it feeling nourished and looking fierce. I use it usually in the morning to prep my skin for the day, but you can use it at night-time for more intensive treatment.


Burt’s Bees Radiance Serum £19,99
Once more for the cheap seats at the back! Unfortunately cheaper serums have no effect what so ever, I say most as Burt’s Bees Radiance serum is just amazing and all for under 20quid. It contains royal jelly, which we all know is great for your skin. Totally superb product for the price. Only promises radiance and delivers.


Topshop and the Trench Cape

Lovelies, I have found you the perfect mid season coat, The Stone Buckle Belted Trench Coat £75, by good old Topshop. I mean seriously. This is incredible. Nice little twist with the classic trench. Will flatter most shapes and sizes and look amazing with pretty much everything. One word of advice. Wear something little more fitted on bottom to really push the cape out! Loves it. Out now! Go on, I dare you. Add little Mrs Zorro in your life. Swords optional and just be careful with doors as getting tangled up has never looked good. Trust me, I have some experience in this matter!

Stone Buckle Belted Trench Cape