Q:My fav gay mag? A: DNA Magazine

My monthly treat!

Gays and girls (this truly applies only to G&G’s). This afternoon I have decided to introduce you to DNA Magazine. We all know our gay mags in the UK, be it Attitude, GT, The Pink Paper etc. There are plenty to choose from. However, I think a lot of you dont even know about the Australian DNA Magazine. Which is why I have decided you tell you all a little bit more.

I got familiar with DNA when I was living down under, back in 2003, when I was young and limber. I moved to Oz to see what all the fuzz was about and soon discovered that the county is littered with hot men, speedo and beaches. Perfect combination. I stumbled accross Aussiebum and then within few months picked up my first copy of DNA. It was issue 32, safe to say that I was hooked.

DNA was launched in 2000 in its native Australia and has for few good years been the best-selling magazine for gay men within the borders of that amazing country. Not only does it have beautiful pictorials, most issues have few fashion spreads concentrating on underwear, swimwear and sports gear. There are of course the occasional sweater (worn with speedo of course). They only use the hottests guys and somehow manage to find the most amazing pieces of clothing to wrap the guys in. I have bought numerous pieces of “clothing” after seeing them in DNA, be it swimwear or a snood. Must admit, they have a great eye to use the sexiest male models in the fashion stories. Winners! However, not only do they amazingly steamy photos but great feature stories about things that us as gay men are actually interested reading (in my opinnion of course), such as what is it like being gay in Iran, male rape, gay cruises etc. Every month we get pieces about grooming, working out, music, celebrity profiles, amazing travel pieces and of course the very witty and overly sex loaded column at the back cover.

DNA keeps me smiling on montly basis and I urge all my gays to pick up a copy sooner than later. It doesnt cost the earth and will keep you looking back from months. I have almost every issue since the first one, missing perhaps eight (which I am planning to back order) and my fav copies are kept on display on the coffee table right with the other magazines. It’s in my dna so to speak.


Man, the new underwear by Aussiebum

I woke up to an email this morning from one of my favorite brands, Aussiebum. As most men (gay men to be precise), I am obsessed with underwear, swimwear and such and Aussiebum feeds that addiction oh so nicely. I actually got introduced to the brand back in 2003 when I moved Down Under. Back then I hadn’t seen any of the products in London and was totally blown away by the colors and cuts they were serving me. I fell in love with Aussiebum then and there and have stayed fairly loyal ever since. I say fairly as so may other brands are trying to pull me away with various success rate. However, the first place I still look is Aussiebum if in need of underwear that makes everything look amaze or for swimwear that enhances the natural hawtness! Hmmm. Speedo.

Anyway, this morning I was notified about an entirely new range to hit the street, Man. A new refined version of the brief (I am def a briefs kind of guy for a good reason). They have stripped away all the heavy branding, the shape is masculine and sexy, almost timeless feel. The fabric mix is supportive, but I can only imagine how light and gorgeous they will feel on. Two color, the classic white and a lovely charcoal, I would quite like both, thank you.

Yes, please. Thank you.

I WANT – Aussiebum Graduate

Green to go with my skin

I am in the mood for new underwear. Maybe it is the birthday talking, but I would like to get something new in the underwear draw. Just something nice, cute and of course little sexy. I have been searching the earth flat and looked at many brands, Todger, Timoteo, Rufskin and visited sites like Banglads. However, it seems that my mind have been made and I am seriously in need (kinda like in heat) for the Aussiebum Graduate. To be honest, I have been eyeing up The Graduates for few months. Keep looking at them, thinking that I want a pair and then going back to thinking that they might be too young so to speak.

However, I have now decided (for sure) that I must get a pair as I adore the shape, the shortness of the leg and the little pattern. GIMME! Still not sure about the color, the pink would go great with grey and I most often wear big grey woolly socks at home, the blue would make my eyes sparkle and the green would look great against my skin tone. Hmmmph. The easiest solution of course I to buy all. I’m not made out of money, so that isn’t going to happen. Yet.

I’m thinking about wearing these not only under my jeans to brighten up my working days,but on their own at home (plus perhaps woolly socks and my glasses) for the “Graduate” look. I may be 32,but with these on I shall feel 17.
Dear Birthday Fairy, you know what I would like! (To fit 29 inch waist, thanks)

with my woolly socks

To speedo or not to speedo’oh?

Green dot marks the top spot! (collage from Aussiebum images)

To speedo or not to speedo’oh? That’s a question (in my opinion) that’s does come to the minds of gay (this post is purely gay themed) men all over the world at least once in their life time. For me it comes few times per week. We all know that I am obsessed about being fit, no I’m obsessed about looking good (vanity rules). I don’t care a huuhaa about how much I can lift or push, but that my body looks good, great even. It isn’t about strength and as my PT  says “Train the vain” and “No pain, no vain”. 

When a speedo pops into a discussion, you immediately get few points of view, mine are usually positive, unless of course the person wearing the speedo needs one that’s sized XXXXL (why even make speedo’s in that size?). I won’t apologise for being fattist when it comes to wearing a speedo. I’m not also going to beat around to the dick anymore and just come out and say it. “My name is Marko and I’m a speedo wearing homo”. That’s better. I am now almost 32, few days away and have figured that I still have few years of speedo wearing ahead of me, I shant be one of those 40 something guys on the beach, you know the type? Uber tanned, looks like they used to have a rocking body and now it’s all two inches lower than few years ago and only covered in yellow speedo. Ugh. Each of their own and all that jizzle. I work hard for the body that I have and I honestly think that I can pull of a speedo quite nicely, so going to enjoy wearing very little to the beach until the time comes to put on something longer.

I personally think that speedo gets a lot of bad rep from guys that wear them wrong. Yes, your read correctly, there is definitely a way to wear them wrong. Wear them too tight and in the wrong colour and we can all see 00 and 7,which isn’t a bad thing if it is your man and it’s just the two of you in the pool, in fact that can be quite nice! Nom Nom. Or wear them too big and they will be around your ankles sooner than you think, for various reasons. I favour the speedo, on the right guy (me) with the right physique they look hawt, be it the tighter ones (ones that Olympic divers wear) or the slightly looser version, like the green ones in the images above. Muscles and speedo go well together in my black book, make the speedo wet and you have a sequel in your hands. I do get annoyed about the bad rep of the speedo as sometimes, I do feel like I should put on something else. Something that covers a little more, this has always so far stayed at the thought. Not once have I actually pulled shorts on top of my speedo and I won’t, not for few years yet. I am holding my ground.

The likes of Aussiebum have of course had a positive effect on the way the speedo is seen, offering all different styles of speedo for guys to wear. I still believe that speedo is a “gay thing”, don’t know if I have ever seen a straight man wearing a speedo unless of course they are Olympic divers. I have bought quite a few pairs from Aussiebum and recently have noticed that I am steering away from the tighter fit and option for looser clingy type. This may of course be something to do with changing preferences, for some reason I think I can now pull off the looser version better than the skin-tight ones. Maybe this is me growing up in my Speedo – Age? Perhaps so. I thank Aussiebum and DNA Magazine for making it more accessible and may I say entertaining to buy your speedo and wear it with pride. DNA Magazine features guys in different shapes on monthly basis, wearing teeny looking swimmers, I appreciate those pics and I do believe that they have been a part of boosting my confidence to wear mine in the pool or at the beach. I do sometimes try my extensive collection on, to check if I can still “pull them off”. So far, so good. I cant complain. Damn it. At some point I am going to have to start covering up, but until that day comes, I am going to wear my speedo proud. I look hot in little speedo, that’s a FACT. Now, let me enjoy it.  

I am wearing my speedo proud.

I WANT! Diesel v-neck!

LOVE it.

I would LOVE MYSELF SICK in this v-neck. Have been searching all over town for the perfect v-neck and quite frankly have just struck gold in this top by Diesel. I have an addiction to Diesel jeans, this is no secret. Current collection spans over 30 pairs. I have been known to buy the same pair twice and store the second pair until the first pair is worn to death. However, other Diesel stuff has never really caught my eye. Their underwear fits me odd, I think this is because my butt is some sort of genetic lottery win, narrow hips and so forth and their tops even if they have fitted well, I have never bought any. That’s a lie. I have got a one t-shirt. Loved it to death and then left it somewhere sunny. Oh well. Anyway, so this v-neck, every year around end of February / March I get a little depressed. The winter is usually still firmly in place, there is no sunshine, no blue skies and it gets a little dull. To spark things up, I must go and spend the money on this top, ASAP. I am not so keen on the writing, but the blue and purple stripes, fabulous. The sneaky spy I am, I have already tried this on (glad it wasn’t pay day when I poured myself into it) and it does look amaze. Great shape, makes me shoulders and pecs look huge and don’t even get started on my hulk like arms. Winner! Get yours now and follow me in the purple rain. (That made no sense, did it?)

Boys, dreaming of a new watch?

You may well be aware that our watch collection is taking over the bedside table so much so that we now have to keep some watches in their boxes and within the draws. This isn’t ideal as I do like having them all “on show”. Makes is a lot easier to pick one to wear in the morning. despite this dilemma, I have just seen another watch that is going straight to the “I want” – list. Well, actually two! One is the gorgeous J12 Marine by Chanel. This has to be one of my favorite watches ever and on the dream list. I keep hoping that one morning I wake up and it has magically arrived. So far NADA! Dear Chanel Fairy, will you please consider dropping by one of these days? I am asking SO nicely. Since I know my reality (being always broke). I have cleverly found a replacement! Whoop! The Fossil Decker Black Chronograph will destroy the dream of me buying house a lot less than Chanel and quite frankly I adore it. Not J’ adore. But still. So there you have it. My dream watch with a clever replacement until I can afford to get “the one”. Ooooh SHINY!

One day...one day...


Rufskin Sport Leggins – I WANT!

I am generally happy with my gym attire, however as I was looking through Rufskin‘s site this gone weekend, I realized that there is SO much more I must purchase, staring with these KELLY sport leggings for running of course. I like to keep my legs covered while I run, I don’t know if this is because I get cold wearing shorts or because I like the way my legs etc. look in them? Whatever the reason is, I need a new pair! Can you imagine me running around the canals in East London, wearing these, my new Nike trainers and a tank top. I would be able to crunch my 10k time under 40min? Right? It’s all about the attire! I often see people running and think to myself that most people should take some pride in their workout gear, this goes for us gays as well! The ensembles I have seen at the gym or out running have made my eyes bleed on several occasions. If you are truly going to make a difference this year with your workout routine, you ought to start from the wardrobe. If your outfits look great, you will feel great. Simples. Wearing baggy faded shorts to the gym are not going to do anything to your confidence levels, so invest in new gear asap. Word of warning, to be able to wear running leggings like these, you need to be at least on the level that I am (being dead serious). These are a big no-no if you have little extra weight as they are tight enough to show every lump of lard.

For improved speed and looks!

Dreaming of Hi-Tops?

I am a converse kind of guy. Loves them. Have numerous pairs in different colors (yet tend to wear one pair to death and then move on). The thing about Converse is that they are just brilliant. I wear mine with my fitted suits for more casual look. I wear them with my skinny jeans to look like I am indeed from East London, although there real East Folk are now of course wearing something else and I have totally fallen off the wagon with my converse. Seriously, they are great with everything I own. However, with the wet London winter still going strong, I constantly find my feet getting wet as they do not have enough sole, so to speak.

I am in the market for something sturdier and then came across these Lanvin (the real Lanvin, not H&M) Hi-Tops. Amaze. I adore the color grey, it looks great on me (even if I say so myself) and grey is great to mute down blues and greens. I am in Hi-Top Heaven. Could I have a pair please? I am of course merely pointing out the fabulousness of this pair as I am dreaming on owning some Lanvin. It is good to dream and have goals. These are my newest shoe – dream. *drools*  As I believe in fairness (unless it something to do with what I already have, I am an only child and I don’t like to share), I thought to myself, can I find cool Hi-Tops for girls. The answer of course is that I can. These Stella McCartney Hi-Tops are just amazing. Studded to high heaven and again that perfect shade of grey. Kind of hoping they do these in size 9 for men too.

There you have it, my newest shoe crushes! Hi-Tops from Lanvin and Stella, both available from Browns.

Hi-Top Heaven

30.01.2011 – Tom Ford

Today I felt like wearing my “other” signature fragnance, Tom Ford’s “Extreme”. It was a present from the man a while back and now on my second bottle. This smells divine. A bit darker than my Diptyque one. The thing is you do need few fragnances in your collection, unless of course you can find one that you adore so much, you are willing to wear it to every occasion. (we are clearly still looking for that “one”, see below for the current collection). Anyhow, I felt like smelling hawt, musky and a little like gay sex. Done.

Tom Ford, Extreme

The Current Collection

(All photo taken with SANYO XACTI GC-100, fabulous)

Hooked on these boots, quite literally!

Hooked on these boots, quite literally! As I don’t have my own pair of black boots, I am going to have to get these ASAP. They are called “Hook” and I loves them. The thing about boots is that I want something little different. Something that I can wear few ways, either tucking my skinny jeans in or wearing them hidden under my jeans.
It’s all about versatility. Done. These will be perfect when I do “Barbie toe”. I need the boots on my feet, now!
Available nationwide and from here.

Hook boots, KG by Kurt Geiger £135