The Hurly Burly Show

Last night I witnessed something spectacular and you lot only have four weeks to go experience the fun!

Few weeks back I was on the tube, heading home after the Jockey 135th bday party  and was dancing to Rihanna when I saw white blonde curly hair, amazing red lip and six-inch heels. Me and her looked at each other,smiled and I gave her my Jockey fridge magnet. She told me that I should go see her show. I wondered which show it was. Answer was, The Hurly Burly Show and I had just met the incredible Fallon Donakey (major girl crush). So last night we took our seats on second row and waited for the show to start. From the first click of the heel, first stocking and the very first glitter nipple tassels, I was hooked.

The show is all about the fabulous Miss Polly Rae, a burlesque artist extraordinaire with a very impressive voice. Throughout the show we had snippets of Lady Gaga, Miss Spears and Kylie and Miss Polly Rae and The Hurly Burly Girlies kept us on the edge of our seats. Before the show I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, I knew there was going to be dancing,singing and burlesque, I had now idea to what level the girls were about bring everything. Unbelievable. I was roaring with laughter, singing and dancing when it all got too exciting. Miss Polly Rae and her girls have just brought burlesque to the masses and I thank them all for this. Really hope more people will know understand the difference between burlesque and stripping. Miss Polly Rae makes it very clear by performing solo few times and even I was left speechless. The way she moves with music is an art form. I shake my nipple tassels to her.

Without bumping into Fallon Donakey, I don’t know if I had gone and see this show. I have been a bit “over” burlesque as there has been so many acts appearing in the last few years. It was about time someone brought it back with originality and with an amazing show that will blow..your head off. However, I can’t thank Fallon enough for saying “You should come see my show”. She was right, I adored it. It is only running for another four weeks, so all you lot need to book your tickets now and go see these girls. If I was amazed, you will be too. Seriously the most amazing show in West End right now! Ps. Look out for the flame eating ballerina!

I am amazed


Get involved! Msalonen : Gym Tours

Load your guns with me

I am calling all fitness fanatics, to lend me a helping hand with little research. I have decided to start “Msalonen: Gym Tours”. This idea came to head last night after an fanstastic event at The ICA. I had just been to the gym with my dear friend Chris, he goes to a very fancy gym in town. I wont name it yet, as I will of course do a little write up in the next few days. However, so the this is the idea.

As I am a member of Fitness First. Teeny gym in East London that I dispise, however it is about 90 second walk from my house. Easy. I can go to the gym at 6.30am, do my extreme cardio, walk home sweaty as a pig and then shwoer at home with no rush, no panic. Having full access to my OWN products, which I didnt have to drag around town all day long. At the evenings it is equally easy. Workout, home, shower, tv, bed. You know the drill. I love my gym because I have to. Its close and does the job. It’s all about convenience, not having to drag my gym kit with me all day and don’t even get me started on the amount of products I would have to carry with. However, as much as I “like” my gym,  it does smell and is teeny tiny. Last nights workout at a premium gym has opened my eyes again and now I am thinking the following…

I would like to start doing rounds at great gyms in London, or anywhere in the Uk. You know what, let’s make it Global. I want to see what else there is on offer, can I find climbing walls, military training, floor to ceiling windows, medicine balls, kettle bells, power clubs? Ooooh. this is exciting. I want skipping ropes and indoor skating tracks and jump rope. Ok, lets not get excited. Too late!

My dearest readers, this is where YOU come in. I need your help. As I can’t just walk into any gym in town, country, world, I need you lot to take me. If you think I might enjoy working out at your gym. Invite me and I will come. In return you get to see how I train. I train to the max. Go hard or go home. End of. I am sure I can teach you a trick or two and perhaps we can have few giggles and share interesting facts about life over a protein shake afterwards. If you want to take part, just get in touch. Bring it on!

Profile on Art Director, Stephen Lynch and Film Maker, Florian Sachisthal

Mr Florian Sachisthal

This week I have double the fun with the amazing Filmmaker Florian Sachisthal and the ever so creative Stephen Lynch, who just happen to be a couple. They are giving “power couple” an entirely new meaning and below you can find out how so. Florian and Stephen, thank you both for joining the couch here at (comfy isn’t it).

1. Tell us what is it that you do?:

Florian: I’m a filmmaker. I work as a director/editor in Berlin and London and to earn a living, I produce promo trailers for TV shows on Deutsche Welle TV.  But the project I currently care most about is “Art & Sex” a feature I co-directed and edited. It’s about young artists, actors and writers in New York and the progressively more and more f***ed up things they do to stay inspired – the title already gives you a little hint. The movie is in the final stages of completion. We’re about to enter film festivals, looking for distribution.

Stephen: I’m an Art Director for an integrated marketing agency in Soho. I come up with concepts for marketing campaigns and design how they look and feel to the consumer.

2. How did you get started in filmmaking/graphic design? Was it always what you wanted to do?

Florian: With 5 I was very intent on becoming an ice cream parlor owner. (Free lemon ice cream, always!) As a teenager I began working as an actor and eventually I wanted to be behind the camera. So I studied directing a the New York University Film School and, right after graduation, I began working as an editing assistant on documentaries. I have been working in film ever since.

Stephen: I’ve always wanted to have a creative career. I have a degree in Industrial Design but while I was studying that I developed a huge interest in brands and the way consumers interact with them so I went on to do a Masters degree in Advertising. I’ve not looked back since.
3. what is the best part of your job, and the worst of course?!Florian: I tend to be interested in way too many art forms, sometimes loosing focus. Making movies combines a lot of them (music, photography, acting, sometimes even painting or choreography) so I get to be involved in all of them a bit. The worst is the cost of filmmaking. Even if you’re doing what’s considered a no-budget project, it’s still ridiculously expensive.

Mr Stephen Lynch

Stephen: I love the fact that I get to use my imagination every day. I have to maintain knowledge of popular culture and developing technologies and no two days are ever the same. The most frustrating part of the job is when a client isn’t brave enough to push their brand in a strong single-minded creative direction. Consumers are so incredibly media and advertising savvy these days, it takes a lot to interrupt them and make them take notice of your brand. To do this though, you need to be brave and do something, that no other brand has done before (or at the very least, do it better). Unfortunately some clients aren’t willing to push things as far as they should and ideas become diluted and then fail to have an impact on the consumer.
4. In a perfect word, what would you like to be doing if not your current career?

Florian: You mean, if I couldn’t make movies? I’d like to be a gardener. I know nothing about growing plants, but I want to learn. (Msalonen, awwww. I can actually see him in dungarees)

Stephen: I’d love to be a travel writer. There’s nothing more exciting to me than discovering new places, finding an amazing local restaurant or experiencing another culture. (Msalonen, Curious George)
5.  Any advice to anyone thinking about a career in filmmaking/graphic design?

Florian: Find a network of people you work well with. Filmmaking is collaborative. Having a crew of friends and colleagues you’ve worked with before, who speak the same artistic language is invaluable. Building this network will take its time, but eventually those will be the people who stick with you for the rest of your career. I’m lucky in that I even can get to work with my fiancé. The current poster for “Art & Sex” for example was designed by Stephen.

Film by Florian, poster by Stephen

Stephen: A piece of advice that I could probably do with listening to myself: don’t be precious about your ideas. The best work is done by collaboration and the sharing of knowledge. Also, there is amazing free content online like Photoshop tutorials or design blogs to help provide education and inspiration. Start with Twitter. There’s so many brilliant design and advertising blogs out there and they’re all on Twitter. Get your portfolio online and think of a clever way to get it in front of a Creative Director. The more unusual, the more likely it is to get that all important call.

Boys, I can’t thank you enough to take the time to talk to us and give such insight in your lives and careers.

1.The first thing you do in the morning when you get up?Florian: Emails, Twitter, Facebook. Then reading the German magazine Der Spiegel in the bathtub. Then coffee and a bagel with lots of heavy cream cheese (collective *gasp* of the gay body builder crowd). After that my day can begin. (Msalonen, cream cheese is ok as long as its LIGHT)

Stephen: Tumble outta bed and stumble to the kitchen, pour myself a cup of ambition, yawn and stretch and try to come alive. (Msalonen, thank you for that Mr Parton)
2. Before you leave the house, you always check?Florian: If I have my keys. Always! (I’ve locked myself out too many times.)

: That there’s no toothpaste in my beard.
3. On your way to work, you? (do what)
 Florian: I tweet or yak with Stephen (Msalonen, awwwwww), if I’m sitting on the subway. Actually, I do that when I’m walking too.

: Regret hitting the snooze button so many times and panic that I’m going to be late for work.

4. At the end of the day you look forward to?
Florian: When I’m in Berlin: Phone-time with Stephen. When I’m in London: Couch-time with Stephen.

: Either having a drink with friends in the evening or going home and having something nice to eat while on the couch chatting to Florian on the phone or watching one of my favourite TV shows.
5. The last thing you do before you go to bed?
Florian: Turn off the light.

: Call Florian and say goodnight and prepare myself for the next day.

Thank you boys for taking the time and talking to us. Just goes to show that you CAN have it all. J

The Central Saint Martins Palladium Jewellery Design Competition!

Can I have two please?

Last night I was very lucky to have attended a fabulous party to celebrate The Central Saint Martins Palladium Jewellery Design Competition winner. It was held at the amazing ICA . I was unfortunately without my usual date, so I called up my dear friend Chris and tagged him along. Boy always needs a date, am I right?

We went through the “No entry” sign (which is always fun to do) and headed upstairs to the venue space. First of all, I had no idea that there was space like this at The ICA. If you are looking for an amazing wedding venue or just to party place. Give them a call. It was beautiful. The place was rammed with the who’s who in the fashion world, mixed with very East London looking crowd. I of course fitted in like a glove. Naturally. After few welcome drinks and canapes we all gathered in the main space to hear the results. The design competition is a collaboration between Palladium Alliance International and Masters Design students, specializing in Jewellery Ceramics and Furniture at the amazing Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Really incredible opportunity for the students to bag this prestigious award.

The winning design (pictured) was designed by Leigh Cameron who commented: “It has been an amazing experience, I never thought that I would win and as I am studying Furniture designing jewellery is a whole new experience for me. Working with palladium has been fantastic and I look forward to working with it again in the future.”. Leigh design was inspired by large architectural shapes and I have to admit I love the shape of the ring. It really is like a mini building on your finger. Loves it. To be honest I have never really worn anything made of palladium, but now I am intrigued. I shall be contacting Leigh to get him to get us the lowdown. Sorted.

The Met Bar and An-Tea Establishment Afternoon Tea!

Ha Haa!

Are you already a bit over the royal wedding? Everything seems to have gone “Kate and Will”. I am seeing mugs, coasters, doggy poop bags and all sorts stamped the with the royal seal of approval from CrapMerchants RE US and they are literally littering the streets. Don’t get me wrong I totally understand the need for celebration,however surely we could down scale it just a touch? The wedding is about a month away and I’m so over it. You can imagine my delight when I heard the news from The Met Bar. They are going to have An-Tea Establishment Afternoon Tea!

Earlier this week I was invited to an exclusive look at what is going to be served from 22nd of April until 8th of May. Think of it is an antidote to all the wedding hysteria! I put on my biker boots, skinny jeans and the rest of my East London uniform and headed off to see what was going to happen.You all know The Met bar? Right? It’s fabulous. Very chilled and stylish. I could spend few good hours there,drinking single malt whiskey’s, but that’s not the point. The point is that they are about to start serving the most imaginative afternoon tea in town!

The savory dishes include ‘Quiche a la Fergie’ (chorizo and spinach), which just melts in your mouth. The fitness people will love the no bread cucumber sandwiches (I did) and the healthier take on prawn cocktail. We all know I have an impossibly bad behaved sweet tooth and it was not disappointed! My favourite thing was ‘Strawberries and cream’ mini macaroons. Insane. Could have eaten a 100 of them. Lush. There is also a special drink “God Save the Queen”, which is whiskey based, loved it. Of course if you are not drinking there is a long lists of non –alcoholic cocktails (why would you NOT be drinking?) and teas. Music is very pun k rock inspired and the entire setting feels very iconic. I really enjoyed my time at The Met Bar and I think that they truly have something very special on their hands.

Amazing food, iconic setting and generally great atmosphere. I would strongly advise you to book now as the “Anti Royal” Afternoon Tea only runs from April 22nd to 8th of May. You can of course visit their website or book by calling +44 (0)20 7447 4757. Easy. Call now, book the day and go enjoy some non royal time at The Met.
Just remember to go punk!  

I swear I did NOT eat them all

Secrets of collagen!

Ladies, I have found something fairly impressive and only natural that I share that with you all. We all know what a big part collagen plays in keeping us looking gorgeous and as science tells us, by the age of 40 your body has lost 15% of collagen production, by age of 60 it has been reduced by about 45%. This is not good news for anyone wanting to look fresh and young. Now, collagen alone wont make you look 40 if you are 60, but it will help with health and youthfulness. Now we may not all want to look 11, but little help from the inside never goes to waste. I discovered Transformulas ‘Ageless Body Collagen Boost’ capsules few months back and was really impressed with the scientific proof that they do actually work. So, ordered some and have been taking the religiously for the past six weeks and so far I am impressed. As you girls all know I am all about skin care, work with what you have and use the right products. As I just turned 32, I have been starting to see changes on my skin, it’s not looking as “tight” or a glowy (no matter how much radiance serum I use) as it did few years back. I am not one for going under the knife (at least not yet) and really wanted to see if little capsules would make a difference. The results are in, they sure do make a difference. I haven’t changed anything in my skin care and yet people have been commenting on how my skin looks, apparently I look fresh and somewhat younger. This is never bad news. The capsules work on the cellular level, delivering a potent anti-aging ingredients to the entire body; stimulating skin’s natural repair, replacing skin’s lost elasticity and so forth. WINNER! I can definitely say that I have seen results, so I would urge you all to click to Transformulas for stocklists!

Magic capsules!

Wake up and smell the coffee!

There is something quite fantastic happening in the world of coffee and as you all know me and the man are quite the coffee drinkers, we have our own album on Facebook for our coffee moments. However I am not a coffee master, I drink mine weak with plenty of milk, so I decided to let the piece be written by my Contributor Will. Here is what he has to say about news in coffee. Enjoy the read.

Now I don’t need any persuasion when it comes to a good cup of coffee.Even though we live in a tea-driven and tea-inspired, high-tea drinking country, a good cup of coffee sure gets a lot of use going in the morning. I admit, I’m one of those fast paced, on the go, take-away drinking multi tasking coffee addict. Starbucks addict to be exact.
So many of us rush in and rush out of S branches which are so easy to find! (Except at Euston station in London though 😦 With all our rushing around, when last did we sit down, cherish, smell, drink and taste the coffee that’s been brewed for us? This brings me to what Starbucks has to offer.

In keeping with the celebration for the 40 years that this green giant of coffee bean expertise has been around, they’ve taken things to the next level. The Haute Couture in the world of Pret-a-Porter coffee! It reminded me of the occasion of Japanese tea drinking. Be there, in the moment, all 5 senses woken up. Anyone remember the first season of Ally McBeal? The scene where Ally and Georgia enjoy their Starbucks coffee together? A moment so amazing that the guys were peeping around the door, mouths dropped open. A moment so great that it seemed to tickle more than just the taste buds? Well read more:

We joined the lovely coffee master, Jess Strolle at HIX in Selfridges London, to try some new Starbucks coffee. Starbucks has launched the first three of Starbucks reserve coffees:

  • Aged Sulawesi Kalosi comes from 12 farmers located in South Sulawesi, grown in small family gardens and traded in the town of Kalosi, where the historic coffee trading market is located.  Just as aging improves wine and cheese, it also heightens the flavors of this coffee.
  • Fairtrade Certified Nicaraguan Corcasan is produced by the Cooperativa Corcasan, a small cooperative of 250 farmers in the northern part of Nicaragua.  This coffee has a burnt sugar sweetness and soft floral aromas, finishing with an herbal leaf note.  It is uniquely Fairtrade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified and Starbucks CAFÉ Practices verified.
  • El Salvador Pacamara Montecarlos Estate is from the Montecarlos Estate, one of El Salvador’s premier coffee estates, uniquely surrounding an entire volcano crater.  Two thirds of the estate is planted with coffee and one-third is part of a cloud forest inside the crater. This coffee gathers its distinctive flavours from soil rich in minerals and volcanic ash.(“Wow. Amazing. I was in heaven.”) Some of the words I heard at the launch.

    The first three

These coffees are only available in 10 stores in the uk. Very select indeed. The filter coffee will be individually brewed for you. Mini filter, just the right temperature hot water, slowly filtered. You can also experience these amazing coffee moments at Hyx in Selfridges.

The aspects of the coffee:
The smell, the smell, the smell!”Aromas, influences, multi faceted”. Who knew coffee tasting could be more intriguing than wine tasting? I was very happy just smelling the coffee. Never mind what followed next:

The flavour:
“Smooth, deluxe, multi dimensional, a taste to savour” Again some of the descriptions that were used. These coffees are ultra smooth and ultra luxurious. Think “best quality chocolate melting in my mouth” and apply the same to a coffee.

The accompaniments:
The 3 coffees has their own best recommended foods to enjoy with them.

So in a world that could perceive Starbucks as all about quick-fix and on-the-go, please do try out one of these Starbucks Reserve coffees. Wow. A “high coffee” could impress even more than “high tea”. Take a piece of the moment with you. You can buy your own bag of beans, have them ground and take them home to be savoured. The last coffee I tasted was definitely a “curl up on the couch with coffee” moment for me. So I will be brewing that at home. Mmmm. These first three new coffees aren’t just your normal cup of tea! Or coffee for that matter. Go forth, enjoy, appreciate and savour the moment of drinking a truly special blow-you-away coffee moment.

Boys Fashion: Gucci Gucci Gucci

I love my classic Gucci belt, you know, green and red with a silver buckle. I got it as a gift few years back and do wear it to death. However, sometimes I do wish that I could wear Gucci without it being blates obvious. I like my designer clobber like the next person, but I do not need to be branded at all times. Enter the new belt from Gucci, loves it. Navy leather on one side and nylon navy nylon with the red stripe on the other. Great little piece to add to your wardrobe. Wear the navy side with your suit or with anything more formal and the stripes for the weekend or more casual look. Two belts in one. Done and done. Get yours now from Mr Porter.

Loves it.


People of the world, I have coined a new term,SkinnyFAT.

I’m thinking I should give you all a little background and how I came to create this new term. You know me,obsessed with the gym. If I haven’t hit the gym at least five times on any average week, I start going a little nuts so to speak. I work hard on this body of mine and take great pride in what I have achieved. However, the last month. Yes,month I have been slacking off. First I wasn’t feeling 100% and then just couldn’t be asked to go lift weights,much to my PT’s dismay. Thank god she lives far far away. Phew. So the last month I have been going to the gym maybe twice a week. Most people would call this “maintaining”. I call it slacking off and have had numerous conversations with myself,trying to boost myself to go and work it out. These conversations haven’t helped really.

SkinnyFAT is when I gym toned (athletic,a body that could model underwear) starts to lose its tone. See,I don’t get fat if I skip the gym, I lose muscle and definition in a catastrophic rate and become flabby,yet thin. This confuses me greatly and have not found a word to describe it,so had to make one up. Easy. I totally understand people who don’t excercise and get fat. That’s given if you eat pizza and chips and lay on the couch. However,these people don’t understand people like me (most people don’t), for me losing weight is the worst thing that can happen. I rather put on a stone than lose couple of pounds. I know I can lose a stone within days,but gaining couple  pounds takes weeks.

Currently I am on my SkinnyFAT phase. I know I’m not fat. I know I’m not thin either. I guess most people would call me “athletic”.  I am looking a little too lean for my liking and flabby. My six-pack is looking a little sad and this causes great distress. Now you are all thinking that I have finally lost my marbles. Just remember that flabbyness is relative too, just like muscle gain. I am dead serious. For most people looking good and feeling great isn’t on the same level as it is for me and my fitness dedicated friends. We often talk about how  society discriminates fat people, on the same level we are so sick and tired of justifying our way of living. Clean eating, exercising to the limit of being obsessed and no drinking. However, all the above I have slipped in the last month and I hate myself for it. I miss the buzz from the gym. I miss the energy and the immediate results after an ab workout. UGH! I miss feeling great and looking like I could be in a Aussiebum advert. Dont get me wrong, I know my body rocks even on SkinnyFAT phase, however, rocking or not, it isn’t “good enough” for me. Therefore, I have now made a plan.
Back to my bionic self with PRIDE. Lift or go home. Do or die.

Pre SkinnyFAT phase

Girls Fashion: Calvin Klein vs. Zara

Ladies, I have found two fabulous dresses for this spring and obviously wanted to share the news with you all. If I were a girl. I would be wearing bright colors right now to go with the spring weather. Fabulous colors are all around and you really should add some of it to your wardrobe. If you are too scared to go all the way, make do with some fabulous heels, great little bag or even just a necklace in an eye popping color. Do it now before it’s too late. The summer will bring along white trousers and maxi dresses, so now it really is time to go bright and work it out.

There are two dresses currently out that you can easily turn into a great little outfit for the office and going out. One is from Calvin Klein, gorgeous 100% silk, eye catching color and great shape that will hide little lumps here and there. Fabulous. If you have never worn 100& silk, you have no idea what you are missing. Invest in a great piece that you will wear for years to come, since brights keep coming back every spring for a good reason. Great little way to make yourself stand out from the crowd, in a Calvin Klein kind of way. The second one comes from Zara of all places. We all know and love Zara for different reasons. I go there to pick up my basics, the things I know I will wear over and over again and they don’t cost the earth. Great pieces for little cash involved. However, I feel that in the last few seasons Zara have really upped their game when it comes to being a head of the game. Take this dress for example, great little take on the brights and all for £26 and it comes in three colors. Perfection. There you have it, pick your price bracket and go forth and conquer the world of bright colors.  


Battle of the brights