Jockey 135 – Birthday Party at The Hospital Club

Its a great line...really.

Last night I was invited to a very special event, Jockey‘s 135th birthday party! The event was held at the ever fabulous hospital Club in London and I knew it was going to be great evening ahead. There was going to be hot men wearing very little. What was not to like? Seriously.

After settling in and getting a drink, I decided that it was time to mingle. Spotted the ever so lovely Zoe Griffin and we shared few stories about her recently moving offices, hiding in the toilets and what ever happened to The Wellington. Turns out we are quite similar, tall, dark and incredibly gorgeous. Zoe was there for a short while as she was of course off to another party. Shame she missed the catwalk. I briefly chatted with the boys from GT. We shared our thoughs on the best fragrances and which of the summer trends is going to be the biggest one. In general a great little party crowd.

The catwalk was of course already fitted and after a few bevvies and snacks there was an announcement, THE SHOW WAS ABOUT TO START. I took my place on front row (like I would even consider sitting anywhere else) and settled down to see some underwear roll down the runway.

The amazing Dylan Jones gave us an introduction to the evening ahead, explaining the history of Jockey and how it all got started. Did you know that back in the day it was considered shameful to model underwear so the model’s faces were covered, as you do. I had no idea, thank you Dylan for educating me once again. (ps. If you don’t know about Dylan Jones, you need to google ASAP, he is one of my style heroes). Dylan finished off and the lights dimmed, it was SHOWTIME! Whoop. I havent been to an underwear show in ages, so wasnt quite what to expect. Safe to say all my “expectations” were blown away. The show consisted of the many faces of Jockey. We had the style from way back when, up to all the new stuff that is out now. Swimwear and boxer shorts. It was all there. Plus the show included a little history and even a rope pulling challenge. I mean really. It was amazing. For more photos, just click here. If you also look under my videos, there are few from the show. Very handsome men in very little clothing. Whoop!

Must admit, I have not been on the ball so to speak with Jockey as you all know I wear my Aussiebums etc. Last night thou, my eyes were opened. Truly. There were few pairs of boxer shorts, that I MUST purchase right this minute and the swimwear, HELLO! I am thinking the white and black for this coming summer. Boys and girls, go have a look at their site. They have been doing underwear for 135 years and still going strong and last night I found out why. As they say in USA, Jockey or nothing.

Swimmers for Summer 2011


Man, the new underwear by Aussiebum

I woke up to an email this morning from one of my favorite brands, Aussiebum. As most men (gay men to be precise), I am obsessed with underwear, swimwear and such and Aussiebum feeds that addiction oh so nicely. I actually got introduced to the brand back in 2003 when I moved Down Under. Back then I hadn’t seen any of the products in London and was totally blown away by the colors and cuts they were serving me. I fell in love with Aussiebum then and there and have stayed fairly loyal ever since. I say fairly as so may other brands are trying to pull me away with various success rate. However, the first place I still look is Aussiebum if in need of underwear that makes everything look amaze or for swimwear that enhances the natural hawtness! Hmmm. Speedo.

Anyway, this morning I was notified about an entirely new range to hit the street, Man. A new refined version of the brief (I am def a briefs kind of guy for a good reason). They have stripped away all the heavy branding, the shape is masculine and sexy, almost timeless feel. The fabric mix is supportive, but I can only imagine how light and gorgeous they will feel on. Two color, the classic white and a lovely charcoal, I would quite like both, thank you.

Yes, please. Thank you.

I WANT – Aussiebum Graduate

Green to go with my skin

I am in the mood for new underwear. Maybe it is the birthday talking, but I would like to get something new in the underwear draw. Just something nice, cute and of course little sexy. I have been searching the earth flat and looked at many brands, Todger, Timoteo, Rufskin and visited sites like Banglads. However, it seems that my mind have been made and I am seriously in need (kinda like in heat) for the Aussiebum Graduate. To be honest, I have been eyeing up The Graduates for few months. Keep looking at them, thinking that I want a pair and then going back to thinking that they might be too young so to speak.

However, I have now decided (for sure) that I must get a pair as I adore the shape, the shortness of the leg and the little pattern. GIMME! Still not sure about the color, the pink would go great with grey and I most often wear big grey woolly socks at home, the blue would make my eyes sparkle and the green would look great against my skin tone. Hmmmph. The easiest solution of course I to buy all. I’m not made out of money, so that isn’t going to happen. Yet.

I’m thinking about wearing these not only under my jeans to brighten up my working days,but on their own at home (plus perhaps woolly socks and my glasses) for the “Graduate” look. I may be 32,but with these on I shall feel 17.
Dear Birthday Fairy, you know what I would like! (To fit 29 inch waist, thanks)

with my woolly socks

Dear Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum, I salute you. I mean seriously, anyone who removes their underwear in order to donate something in a goody bag, deserves a medal from me. The rest of the world is calling her tacky and unladylike. I think she has SPUNK! I have always had a soft spot for Heidi and her fellow angel Tyra, just think that they are both incredibly beautiful and intelligent women. They have both managed to use their good looks to kick-start what seems to be a career spanning over decades. Heidi our German Angel has turned herself into a presenter of one of the biggest fashion shows on the telly, Project Runway, which has a cult following and a show I can’t get enough of, currently watching few seasons together. I loves it. Every week Heidi rocks it out with her fashion choices and the cuteness that is her character. Now, she has further nailed herself as one of my icons by taking off her underwear in public. Does not get much better than that. Heidi, you are a star. Loves it.

Work it out!

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