Beauty Secret: Baby Bottom Butter

Would you like smooth skin? Would you like to look radiant? Would you like to save some hard-earned cash? If you answered yes to any of those question, I have an answer for you, Waitrose Baby Bottom Cream. This has been all over the news in the last few weeks, but I decided to give you the low down anyway. I am in love.
You know me, I love my serum’s and creams, Darphin, Bobbi Brown, Sarah Chapman etc. However, this butter (£2.49) has just placed itself firmly in my favorites. Mom’s all over this country have gone mental for it and it’s sold out pretty much everywhere. So much so, that you can now buy it on eBay. Seriously.
Chamomile-scented thick butter that is now used by mom’s to smooth out the wrinkles and fine lines. I am not entirely sure if it is doing anything to my fine lines, but my skin does feel amazing and all for the price of cheap sandwich. Done.

The fight was on for smoother cheeks...