Dear Lea T

Miss Thing, Miss Lea T. I salute you. Thank you for entering into the fashion world and causing a quite a stir. Now, everyone is saying how you are going to make a difference, being an ex-boy who appears in Givenchy adds, kisses Kate Moss and is now even walking on run way in Brazil Fashion week and so forth. Makes me wonder. Wasn’t there a pre-op transsexual in America’s Next Top Model few seasons back? Yes, there was. I have no idea what her name is. I should really do my home work, right? Anyway, so Lea T is here. What is the big deal? Why is everyone making such a fuss? Yes, she has a dick. So what? She looks amazing in a dress and heels, she can pose the other bitches out the water and has this amazing vulnerability that other models struggle to find. Why is the media making this into a whole HUGE story. She is gorgeous, she gets the job done and that should be it. Yes, she may have a 9 inch dick under her couture, but who hasn’t. I welcome her warmly. Please be here to stay.

Love cover, Lea T & Kate Moss


02.02.2011 – Part Two – I am saved!

I have been saved by the good people at Darphin. Seriously. As I was elbow deep in my bag, trying to find lip balm I found my new Anti-Fatigue Smoothing Eye Gel! I got my hands on this few weeks back and had totally forgotten about it. Until now. As I was saddened by the fact that I had no time for eye patches this morning, this little tube saved my life quite frankly. Did you know that Walnut trees can live up to 400 years? Seriously! Anyway, so the clever people at Darphin have extracted the strength and virtues of regeneration from the heart of the walnuts and concentrated it into a precious extract and it WORKS! Other ingredients include caffeine, vitamin C etc. Light gel spreads quickly and gets to work ASAP. I no longer look like a zombie. Thank you!

Miracle gel, seriously.