Girls Fashion: Calvin Klein vs. Zara

Ladies, I have found two fabulous dresses for this spring and obviously wanted to share the news with you all. If I were a girl. I would be wearing bright colors right now to go with the spring weather. Fabulous colors are all around and you really should add some of it to your wardrobe. If you are too scared to go all the way, make do with some fabulous heels, great little bag or even just a necklace in an eye popping color. Do it now before it’s too late. The summer will bring along white trousers and maxi dresses, so now it really is time to go bright and work it out.

There are two dresses currently out that you can easily turn into a great little outfit for the office and going out. One is from Calvin Klein, gorgeous 100% silk, eye catching color and great shape that will hide little lumps here and there. Fabulous. If you have never worn 100& silk, you have no idea what you are missing. Invest in a great piece that you will wear for years to come, since brights keep coming back every spring for a good reason. Great little way to make yourself stand out from the crowd, in a Calvin Klein kind of way. The second one comes from Zara of all places. We all know and love Zara for different reasons. I go there to pick up my basics, the things I know I will wear over and over again and they don’t cost the earth. Great pieces for little cash involved. However, I feel that in the last few seasons Zara have really upped their game when it comes to being a head of the game. Take this dress for example, great little take on the brights and all for £26 and it comes in three colors. Perfection. There you have it, pick your price bracket and go forth and conquer the world of bright colors.  


Battle of the brights


29.01.2011 – PULL & BEAR

It was another cold London morning and as I was getting ready to head to Cecconis’s for breakfast I decided to bring out the BIG guns: My PULL & BEAR scarf. I got it in early December and it has been keeping me warm ever since. The snow flake pattern is far too cute for me to deal with. I look like a magical snow elf. Right? Just noticed that in the photo, my jacket is on backwards (looks like it) and the pic is fuzzy as it was too cold to hold the camera still. Ooops. Anyway, wrap up warm for the weekend, it’s freezing out there.

Jacket from Zara, scarf from Pull & Bear, hair models own