Profile on Art Director, Stephen Lynch and Film Maker, Florian Sachisthal

Mr Florian Sachisthal

This week I have double the fun with the amazing Filmmaker Florian Sachisthal and the ever so creative Stephen Lynch, who just happen to be a couple. They are giving “power couple” an entirely new meaning and below you can find out how so. Florian and Stephen, thank you both for joining the couch here at (comfy isn’t it).

1. Tell us what is it that you do?:

Florian: I’m a filmmaker. I work as a director/editor in Berlin and London and to earn a living, I produce promo trailers for TV shows on Deutsche Welle TV.  But the project I currently care most about is “Art & Sex” a feature I co-directed and edited. It’s about young artists, actors and writers in New York and the progressively more and more f***ed up things they do to stay inspired – the title already gives you a little hint. The movie is in the final stages of completion. We’re about to enter film festivals, looking for distribution.

Stephen: I’m an Art Director for an integrated marketing agency in Soho. I come up with concepts for marketing campaigns and design how they look and feel to the consumer.

2. How did you get started in filmmaking/graphic design? Was it always what you wanted to do?

Florian: With 5 I was very intent on becoming an ice cream parlor owner. (Free lemon ice cream, always!) As a teenager I began working as an actor and eventually I wanted to be behind the camera. So I studied directing a the New York University Film School and, right after graduation, I began working as an editing assistant on documentaries. I have been working in film ever since.

Stephen: I’ve always wanted to have a creative career. I have a degree in Industrial Design but while I was studying that I developed a huge interest in brands and the way consumers interact with them so I went on to do a Masters degree in Advertising. I’ve not looked back since.
3. what is the best part of your job, and the worst of course?!Florian: I tend to be interested in way too many art forms, sometimes loosing focus. Making movies combines a lot of them (music, photography, acting, sometimes even painting or choreography) so I get to be involved in all of them a bit. The worst is the cost of filmmaking. Even if you’re doing what’s considered a no-budget project, it’s still ridiculously expensive.

Mr Stephen Lynch

Stephen: I love the fact that I get to use my imagination every day. I have to maintain knowledge of popular culture and developing technologies and no two days are ever the same. The most frustrating part of the job is when a client isn’t brave enough to push their brand in a strong single-minded creative direction. Consumers are so incredibly media and advertising savvy these days, it takes a lot to interrupt them and make them take notice of your brand. To do this though, you need to be brave and do something, that no other brand has done before (or at the very least, do it better). Unfortunately some clients aren’t willing to push things as far as they should and ideas become diluted and then fail to have an impact on the consumer.
4. In a perfect word, what would you like to be doing if not your current career?

Florian: You mean, if I couldn’t make movies? I’d like to be a gardener. I know nothing about growing plants, but I want to learn. (Msalonen, awwww. I can actually see him in dungarees)

Stephen: I’d love to be a travel writer. There’s nothing more exciting to me than discovering new places, finding an amazing local restaurant or experiencing another culture. (Msalonen, Curious George)
5.  Any advice to anyone thinking about a career in filmmaking/graphic design?

Florian: Find a network of people you work well with. Filmmaking is collaborative. Having a crew of friends and colleagues you’ve worked with before, who speak the same artistic language is invaluable. Building this network will take its time, but eventually those will be the people who stick with you for the rest of your career. I’m lucky in that I even can get to work with my fiancé. The current poster for “Art & Sex” for example was designed by Stephen.

Film by Florian, poster by Stephen

Stephen: A piece of advice that I could probably do with listening to myself: don’t be precious about your ideas. The best work is done by collaboration and the sharing of knowledge. Also, there is amazing free content online like Photoshop tutorials or design blogs to help provide education and inspiration. Start with Twitter. There’s so many brilliant design and advertising blogs out there and they’re all on Twitter. Get your portfolio online and think of a clever way to get it in front of a Creative Director. The more unusual, the more likely it is to get that all important call.

Boys, I can’t thank you enough to take the time to talk to us and give such insight in your lives and careers.

1.The first thing you do in the morning when you get up?Florian: Emails, Twitter, Facebook. Then reading the German magazine Der Spiegel in the bathtub. Then coffee and a bagel with lots of heavy cream cheese (collective *gasp* of the gay body builder crowd). After that my day can begin. (Msalonen, cream cheese is ok as long as its LIGHT)

Stephen: Tumble outta bed and stumble to the kitchen, pour myself a cup of ambition, yawn and stretch and try to come alive. (Msalonen, thank you for that Mr Parton)
2. Before you leave the house, you always check?Florian: If I have my keys. Always! (I’ve locked myself out too many times.)

: That there’s no toothpaste in my beard.
3. On your way to work, you? (do what)
 Florian: I tweet or yak with Stephen (Msalonen, awwwwww), if I’m sitting on the subway. Actually, I do that when I’m walking too.

: Regret hitting the snooze button so many times and panic that I’m going to be late for work.

4. At the end of the day you look forward to?
Florian: When I’m in Berlin: Phone-time with Stephen. When I’m in London: Couch-time with Stephen.

: Either having a drink with friends in the evening or going home and having something nice to eat while on the couch chatting to Florian on the phone or watching one of my favourite TV shows.
5. The last thing you do before you go to bed?
Florian: Turn off the light.

: Call Florian and say goodnight and prepare myself for the next day.

Thank you boys for taking the time and talking to us. Just goes to show that you CAN have it all. J


Profile on Adam Moger, Retail Manager for Boodles

Adam and Gruff (awwwww)

This week’s profile is one of which I have been chasing for a while. I met Adam Moger a while back and was immediately intriqued about his chosen career as a Retail Manager for Boodles. I have never met anyone who works in the jewellery business, let alone for a luxury brand like Boodles. As I am interested, it of course means that so are all you lot. So without further nonsense, over to Adam!

Hi Adam and thanks for joining!

1. Tell us what is it that you do?
Retail Manager for Boodles luxury jewellers. We have a new boutique within the Savoy Hotel, I am responsible for looking after existing customers and generating new customer base from the Hotel and surrounding area.

2. How did you get started in the business? Was it always what you wanted to do?
My mother had always commissioned jewellery for herself and I used to go along with her and help her choose the stones etc, I fell in love with the loose gemstones and associated sparkly, shiney things. After deciding the option of Fireman wasn’t right for me, yes I always wanted to go into gemstones in some way. I originally qualified with a degree in Gemology, a subdivision of Geology specialising in gem stones etc. From there I fell into retail and have been doing it ever since.
3. what is the best part of your job, and the worst of course?!
At the risk of sounding cheesy the best bit of my job is having somebody walk out overjoyed by what they’ve bought and the experience they’ve enjoyed whilst buying it. The worst part is dealing with customers who have no concept of how to treat a piece of hand-made fine jewellery. The phrase, “I spent £xxxxx on this therefore I expect it to be more hard-wearing” makes me mad, price has no bearing on durability. I mean would you drive a Bugatti across a field or wear a couture gown to do the gardening in…? Exactly! Fine jewellery needs maintainance regularly and then it will last life times.

4. In a perfect word, what would you like to be doing if not your current career?
Ski Instructor would definitely be at the top of the list although more practically, I love event organising and run some of the big events for the company. This was very nearly an option if I hadn’t done well in selling the bling.
5.  Any advice to anyone thinking about a career in luxury jewellery?
Do your research into the brands that you like and approach the ones you like via phone to introduce yourself to the relevant person then back it up with a personalised letter and your CV. This is what I did and had 5 opportunities offered to me. Most luxury jewellers like ourselves get dozens of CV’s a week but the ones that stand out are those that we can instantly imagine looking after one of our customers.In short present yourself like you would to a customer of that company and you’ll have a good chance.

Right, since Adam wanted to be a fireman and ended up playing with jewels all day long, I am thinking that I need to get into the business as well. I will of course be wearing a ski instructor outfit while dripping in diamonds. Me and Adam aren’t really that different, other that he gets to look at gorgeous jewellery all day long and I get to dream about wearing them! Fast forward 25 years and I will most likely be one of those queens who wear big rings and shiny things. I am counting on Adam for NOT letting this happen. 
1. The first thing you do in the morning when you get up?
I’m a morning freak, I smile when i wake up. and switch say morning to my followers on Twitter. (Msalonen: This is true, he is always happy on twitter in the mornings!)
2. Before you leave the house, you always check?
I have my phone and headphones to listen to my music.
3. On your way to work, you?
I normally go to the gym before work then pop into Cafe Nero for a grande skinny latte.
4. At the end of the day you look forward to?
Chilling out and getting into jeans and a t-shirt.
5. The last thing you do before you go to bed?
Shower, then say night to everyone on twitter. (Msalonen, again true. Every night without a fail)

Adam, thank you so much for joining us (well me) and shining a little light on your chosen career path. I do hope you realize that I will be hounding you for shiny things for years to come!